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Each of the articles listed below were written by me :-). I am compiling them here because by following the advice in each, you will save money and resources. They will aid you in becoming more aware of what you are spending, and finding ways out of buying unnecessary items.

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Transportation for a Healthier Planet


*New* Ways to Decorate Walls

*New* How to reuse 10 Common Household Items

*New* What to do with Plastic Drawer Units

*New* 12 Ways to Reuse Coffee Mugs

*New* 10 Ideas for Reusing Canning Jars

*New* How to recycle Materials from Your Candle Addiction

*New* 10 Uses for Old Sheets

*New* 10 Ways to Reuse Small Plates and Saucers

*New* 10 Ways to Reuse a Beach Pail

*New* 11 Ways to Reuse an Old Microwave Stand

*New* 10 Ways to Reuse an Old Dresser

*New* 11 Uses for the Glass from Picture Frames

Things to Buy for a New Baby

Using Less Water

No More Plastic Food Storage Containers

Gardening and Outdoor

*New* Recycling Wood Chips

*New* Using Metal Plant Stands in the Garden

*New* Trellis Plants

*New* Different Levels of Green Gardening

*New* Organic Indoor Gardening

*New* 10 Ways to Reuse Old Pallets

*New* How to Turn an Old Metal Pot into a Planter

Allotment Planting
Garden in a Wheelbarrow

Tips for Feeding Indoor Plants


*New* 4 Summer Craft Ideas for Older Children and Teens

*New* Simple Craft Projects for Your Home and Garden

*New* How to Make a Simple Scrapped Pencil Holder

*New* How to Make Simple Drawer Labels for Organizing

*New* Repurposing Odds and Ends from a Scrapbook Hobby

*New* Children’s Crafts: Easy Centerpieces

Easy Crafts for Teen Girls

How to Create Your Own Elegant Bridal Flowers
How to Make Floral Arrangements for Graves

Do it Yourself Tall Centerpieces

DIY Birthday Centerpieces

Making Floral Wreaths


How to Make Things Out of Reused Wood Pallets

How do First Time Gardeners Get Started Homesteading

How to Restore Rotting Raised Beds

How to Design Red Brick Raised Flower Beds

Low-Income Help

How to Pay Bills for Low-Income Residents

How to Form New Food Pantries


Battle Depression without Medication

Food and Cooking

Camping Food Ideas for Vegetarians

Easy Pot Luck Ideas

Foods to Serve with Chocolate Fountain

Preparing and Serving Cantaloupe


What to Pack for a Move into a College Dorm

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*New* Top 10 Reasons to Hang Out at Your Local Park

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