Affordable Entertainment for the Winter Months

The winter months can be cold and dreary, as well as wet, but there is plenty of fun to be had for free or almost free. Families will have fun hanging out. Doing things together often helps to strengthen family bonds. Some ideas for winter fun activities: Card games such as Rummy and Canasta can be played. Board games like Monopoly, The Game of Life … Continue reading Affordable Entertainment for the Winter Months

Poor Mans Insulation

Snow. Beautiful, white, cold snow. During the winter months, many of us must give our homes adequate insulation. This means doing things like banking a home with plastic to help keep more cold air from entering beneath. In January 2008, while shoveling one day, my stepfather came by to plow the driveway. We had already had too much snow, and there was not much space … Continue reading Poor Mans Insulation

Feature Article: 5 Affordable Winter Activities for Children

By Sheila Buck The winter months are cold and, although many parents don’t like being out in the brisk weather, their children usually do. During the colder months it may seem harder to keep your children entertained than it was during the warmer months. Here are some good ideas for keeping your children busy this winter. Sledding is a fun activity that children enjoy. Have … Continue reading Feature Article: 5 Affordable Winter Activities for Children

Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009

I am living as frugally as I know how. I had been out of work for months, and have been bringing in money whenever possible. I am doing different things: Babysitting when needed by someone. Writing at about $100 a week, sometimes more. Balancing a checkbook for a friend. Caring for a cat for a friend. We had a yard sale. I have many books to … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009

Open those Curtains and Save Money!!!

What is the temperature in your area? AOL is telling me that the temperature is currently 47*. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I had a nice, if wet, walk this morning. These are the days when it is possible to urn your heat down to 55* or less. Maybe even turn it off all together. This will help you to save money … Continue reading Open those Curtains and Save Money!!!

Sometimes You Just Have to Turn the Heat Up

Two mornings in a row I woke up and it was freezing in here. I always turn the heat down t 55* before going to bed, but that was not working for me on these two mornings. So, last night, the weather was calling for an even colder night. -12*. I decided to only turn the heat down to 60* last night. At around 6:00 … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Have to Turn the Heat Up

Electric Bill Savings

I received a letter from the electric company yesterday telling me that, because I was approved for fuel assistance, I will be getting a discount on the distribution portion of my electric bill. After some figuring I discovered that, had I gotten the discount last month, I would have saved about $20.00 off by bill. That would have been helpful, as I still owe them … Continue reading Electric Bill Savings

Quick Financial Tips

My phone bill is $8.00 a month. I took everything off it except the maintenance plan. I get a discount because I received HEAP a couple of times. Using coupons can mean a lot of savings, but sometimes you will save more by purchasing a different brand or a generic/store brand. Make sure you always check. Heat rises, so turn the heat down upstairs. You … Continue reading Quick Financial Tips

Seasonal Fun: Spring and Winter

(From the site) Spring Fun   Walking ~ A free activity that is good for the whole family. Nature walks are great at this time of the year. You can watch everything come to life around you. Go to the playground with the children. Sit outside and watch the night sky. Sit outside and tell each other the shapes in the clouds. Talk about the … Continue reading Seasonal Fun: Spring and Winter