Or, Would You?

Purchase toys from a child having a yard sale, knowing that he is selling them for only a fraction of the original cost? Yes, I would. Why? So the items that I can use/give as gifts do not end up in a landfill somewhere. To save money. Because children are taught that this is a practical way to earn money to buy something else that they want. … Continue reading Or, Would You?

Cutting the Cost of Baking

On page 203 of The Tightwad Gazette Amy Dycyzyn discusses the topic of baking. There are ways to go about saving money while baking. Amy points out these ways: Purchasing items on sale. (I find that waiting until the holiday season to stock up on many baking supplies is essential. In December, I purchased flour at about $1.60 for 5 pounds, and sugar for less than … Continue reading Cutting the Cost of Baking

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Curbside Pick-Up

Here is a topic from one of Amy’s readers, which you can find on page 193 of the Complete Tightwad Gazette. We have picked up many great items using this system. Each spring, communities have this roadside pick-up thing that they do. This helps us to declutter our homes. One benefit to doing this early and setting things out on the road is that people … Continue reading Curbside Pick-Up

Interior Decorating for Tightwads

Amy Dycyzyn has an article in her book The Complete Tightwad Gazette about interior decorating. This article can be found on page 93. It discusses cleaning and decluttering. And it discusses decorating on the cheap. Usually, my method of decorating involves simply changing up the rooms. Rearranging after decluttering and cleaning, and switching items between rooms. I have found great deals on some items at yard sales … Continue reading Interior Decorating for Tightwads

Designer Clothing and Teens

Do teens still think they ‘need’ designer clothing? Amy Dacyzyn touches upon this subject on page 93 of her book The Complete Tightwad Gazette. She says: “Give your child a clothing budget…Save designer labels…form a parent group against…” Here are my thoughts: I have a teenager and a 20-year-old. We have always been ‘poor’ and most of their clothes have been hand-me-downs. When I have purchased … Continue reading Designer Clothing and Teens

Frugal Lifestyles

On page 44 of The Tightwad Gazette, Amy discusses her frugal lifestyle. The article has great tips for fixing up a house that should have otherwise been burnt to the ground. The people the article focuses on did a lot of work to make the ramshackle building livable, and they did a great job. How did they do this? Mostly by scavenging. Getting what they … Continue reading Frugal Lifestyles

Pumpkin Puree Instead of Pumpkin in a Can

In Amy’s book The Complete Tightwad Gazette, she discusses on page 30 how to save money on pumpkin for recipes. Puree can be made by boiling or baking the pumpkin slices. The process is very easy. This pumpkin can be used in place of canned pumpkin in any recipe. So, if you grow your own pumpkins you will save a lot of money. Shannon Continue reading Pumpkin Puree Instead of Pumpkin in a Can

Buying in Bulk

In Amy’s book, The Complete Tightwad Gazette, on page 35, she discusses buying in bulk. I find that I can save money by purchasing like this, especially with certain items: Toilet paper Dish cloths and towels Wash cloths Socks Food items Trash bags Boca burgers etc., etc. Amy tells us to be sure that we now regular prices. Again, I found this easier before the … Continue reading Buying in Bulk

Create Your Own Price Book

On page 33 of Amy’s book, The Complete Tightwad Gazette, she discusses her price book. I used to have one of these and found it very helpful. However, due to the recession, prices are unstable on many items. I shop (usually) two or three times a month. The prices on many items keep going up and I cannot keep up with it all. Does a … Continue reading Create Your Own Price Book

Tightwad Gazette: Baby Formula Savings

Amy discusses baby formula savings on page 21 of The Complete Tightwad Gazette. I suggest breastfeeding if at all possible. However, I realize that there are circumstances under which this is not possible. When my daughters were babies, we used a combination of feeding methods. I did not breastfeed Skye at all, but I did breast feed Zowie for a couple of months. I used … Continue reading Tightwad Gazette: Baby Formula Savings

Tightwad Gazette: Lunchbox Basics

I was shopping for school lunch items for my daughter recently. It amazes me how much food items cost. I know, I know…she qualifies for free lunches and breakfasts at school. But have you seen the school food? In my home, we are trying very hard to eat healthier. Fruits, veggies, 100% whole wheat and grain products. We obviously do not have the money to … Continue reading Tightwad Gazette: Lunchbox Basics

Tightwad Gazette: 10 Painless ways to save $100.00 this Year

On page 10 of Amy’s book The Complete Tightwad Gazette, she discusses 10 ways to save $100.00 in one year. I am not going to list all of the ways here, however, I would like to write about the methods that she mentions that I use: I purchase a lot of our clothing at thrift stores and yard sales. I taught my daughters the art … Continue reading Tightwad Gazette: 10 Painless ways to save $100.00 this Year

Tightwad Goals

What are your tightwad goals? Amy Dacyzyn lists hers in her book The Tightwad Gazette. Mine are here: To declutter and simplify my home and life. To purchase a few big ticket items at discount prices. I want good quality items that will, in some instance, serve multiple purposes, as well as last a long time. To prove that you can live the low-income life … Continue reading Tightwad Goals

They Call Me “The Frugal Zealot”

Well…not really. But that is what they called Amy Dacyzyn, author of The Tightwad Gazette books and newsletters. I have been called thrifty, and I fully admit to calling myself cheap. I love to see how much money I can refrain from paying out on things, and I have decided that there are relatively few things that I need to pay full price for. I … Continue reading They Call Me “The Frugal Zealot”

Tightwad Gazette: Net Value of a Second Income

Amy discusses the net value of a second income on page 24 of The Complete Tightwad Gazette. She makes some good points, and though the book is dated I still feel that it applies under most circumstances. In particular, when childcare needs to be paid out of pocket, along with the costs involved with a second car and clothing for work, it is likely cheaper … Continue reading Tightwad Gazette: Net Value of a Second Income