Free Gift Ideas and Craft Ideas for Grandparent Days

(The article below was published on, September 11, 2009. Enjoy! ~ Shannon.) Grandparents Day is not far off. Many single moms may be having a hard time affording gifts for parents and grandparents. Children may want to do something special for their loved ones, but money may be tight. This┬álist is based around the free or easy to make idea of frugal gift giving. … Continue reading Free Gift Ideas and Craft Ideas for Grandparent Days

A Fourth of July Celebration

(The article below was published to on July 3, 2009. I thought some of you might enjoy the read. Remember, the Fourth of July does not have to be an expensive holiday to celebrate. ~ Shannon) The Fourth of July is a very important day in the Bangor, Maine area. People enjoy camping, having barbecues and watching the fireworks. Young children, and even teens, … Continue reading A Fourth of July Celebration

4 Patriotic Daycare Crafts by Shannon L. Buck

(Keeping children happy and entertained is good business. Stay frugal by using scraps from previous projects, allowing parents to donate things, and shopping yard sales and thrift stores. Previously published to Y! Contributor Network.) 4 Patriotic Daycare Crafts Daycare centers and homes are often more busy during the summer months, catering to extra children. Providers are always looking for crafts to do with the children, … Continue reading 4 Patriotic Daycare Crafts by Shannon L. Buck

How to Reuse Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Tubes

These tubes can also come from items such as wrapping paper, food wrap, etc. They can be reused for many things. I will share some ideas with you, and then you can share some with all of us in the comments. Feed electronics cords through them to clean up areas behind desks and entertainment centers. Store holiday lights in them. Cut them to size and … Continue reading How to Reuse Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Tubes

Homemade Quilting Projects Using Old Clothes

Well, I don’t have a pattern as I have not quilted anything yet. My sister is quilting using our father’s clothes and store bought fabric. Our father passed away a year-and-a-half ago, and she is making us memory pieces. I was thinking that we could do different things with old clothes, and here are some ideas for fabric to use: * Old Jeans would be … Continue reading Homemade Quilting Projects Using Old Clothes

After Christmas Shopping

After the holidays a great time to purchase clearance items for 50% and more off their regular prices for. These items can help you out a lot when next years holidays roll around. What to look for: gift-wrap, boxes and bags (Plain Red: Also good for Valentines Day, birthdays. Plain Green: Also good Image By: cohdra at for St. Patrick’s Day and birthdays. Other … Continue reading After Christmas Shopping

Our Want/Need Book

This is a small notebook where we write what we want/need and regular prices. My goal is to find it cheaper by yardsaling, and shopping clearance sales and dollar stores, as well as resale shops and online shops. There is a page for each of us, as well as a page each for DVD’s, the kitchen, the livingroom, the bathroom, the laundry area, homeschooling, scrapbooking, … Continue reading Our Want/Need Book