Back to School Savings Ideas

I do not really have an article this week, but wanted to pass along some links to back to school articles you will find useful. Please feel free to add any other links to back to school savings articles and back to school lunch articles in the comments of this section. Thank you. Tips for Packing Affordable School Lunches After back to school sales Back to … Continue reading Back to School Savings Ideas

Tightwad Gazette: Lunchbox Basics

I was shopping for school lunch items for my daughter recently. It amazes me how much food items cost. I know, I know…she qualifies for free lunches and breakfasts at school. But have you seen the school food? In my home, we are trying very hard to eat healthier. Fruits, veggies, 100% whole wheat and grain products. We obviously do not have the money to … Continue reading Tightwad Gazette: Lunchbox Basics

Cheap Lunchbox Ideas

Children love cold pizza. You can pack a slice of pizza and add to the lunch box or pack whatever you like. Maybe a banana or a kiwi. Those are the cheapest fruits. You could also add some carrot sticks and some water to complete the meal. ****** If your children like fruit cocktail, applesauce and the like, do this instead of wasting your money … Continue reading Cheap Lunchbox Ideas

Choosing the Appropriate School Lunch Box and Accessories

I know that children love those character lunchboxes. My daughters had them when they were young but, in retrospect, I would do a lot of things differently now. First, I would buy lunch packs rather than lunchboxes. The ones with the lining to help keep things cool. They usually come with a pocket to hold silverware, napkins and other small items. These can be purchased … Continue reading Choosing the Appropriate School Lunch Box and Accessories

The Dreaded Price Book

Admittedly, I have not started one of these yet. I read about them year ago in The Tightwad Gazette, but never wanted to take the time to make one. Why should I have? I could remember all of the prices, at all of the stores, for the items that I purchased. Unfortunately, prices on different things are rising o often that I can no longer … Continue reading The Dreaded Price Book