Low-Income and Living Deliberately

  Recently, I received correspondence from Fay Johnson, founder and editor of the new magazine deliberateLIFE. She inquired about my reading her magazine and sharing my thoughts with you, my readers. I immediately thought this was a good opportunity, and agreed to receive a free copy to read. I am pleased that I agreed.   I was amazed with the scope and content of the … Continue reading Low-Income and Living Deliberately

Guest Article: 5 Frugal Outings for Your Family

contributed by Melissa Cleo With school almost out, kids are going to want to do some fun things this summer. Money may be tight, but that does not mean you cannot have fun. All you need is a little creativity and to stay local. Save your money for your vacation. While at home, take advantage of free events or take picnics. There is so much … Continue reading Guest Article: 5 Frugal Outings for Your Family

Why I do not Allow Certain Comments to Post

Image via Wikipedia While I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I also believe that pointing an opinion out in a rude manner is immature and wrong. I believe that there are better ways of saying things than by making people feel two-feet high; than making them feel like dirt. Due to these beliefs, I have always monitored comments for this blog. I … Continue reading Why I do not Allow Certain Comments to Post

Feature Article: 5 Affordable Summer Activities for Children

By Sheila Buck Parents sometimes find it hard to keep their children occupied during the summer months. Many summer camps and other programs cost money that families may not have. The following are some ideas for summer activities that are affordable, and the children will have fun doing them. Summer camp is an activity that most kids want to participate in. These types of camps … Continue reading Feature Article: 5 Affordable Summer Activities for Children

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Curbside Pick-Up

Here is a topic from one of Amy’s readers, which you can find on page 193 of the Complete Tightwad Gazette. We have picked up many great items using this system. Each spring, communities have this roadside pick-up thing that they do. This helps us to declutter our homes. One benefit to doing this early and setting things out on the road is that people … Continue reading Curbside Pick-Up

This and That

I am currently working on what I will be giving at the holidays. It won’t be much. I have been bringing steadier income, which is great. I am starting to get caught up on bills. I wanted to share a couple of articles that I came across with you: Single Mom Savings: How to stretch your childcare dollars A Parent’s Unemployment Stress Trickles Down to … Continue reading This and That

Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009

I am living as frugally as I know how. I had been out of work for months, and have been bringing in money whenever possible. I am doing different things: Babysitting when needed by someone. Writing at about $100 a week, sometimes more. Balancing a checkbook for a friend. Caring for a cat for a friend. We had a yard sale. I have many books to … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009

Tightwad Goals

What are your tightwad goals? Amy Dacyzyn lists hers in her book The Tightwad Gazette. Mine are here: To declutter and simplify my home and life. To purchase a few big ticket items at discount prices. I want good quality items that will, in some instance, serve multiple purposes, as well as last a long time. To prove that you can live the low-income life … Continue reading Tightwad Goals

RIP Ted Kennedy: How He Helped Low-Income Familes, the Disabled and Others

Ted Kennedy did a lot of good things in his life, as well as having a good deal of fun, LOL. here are some of the good things that he accomplished in his life: He helped to ensure that wheel chair ramps were installed in public areas. He worked ensuring medical care for all children. He helped create COBRA. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. The … Continue reading RIP Ted Kennedy: How He Helped Low-Income Familes, the Disabled and Others

Housing for the Homeless, Abused and Low-Income

New apartments in California were created to help low-income residents.  If they get a place in these apartments, then they have access to specific services. An interesting aspect of the complex is that it sets aside a certain number of apartments for homeless families, as well as for victims of domestic violence. I think this is great, and more places across the country should follow … Continue reading Housing for the Homeless, Abused and Low-Income

Volunteer Honeymoon

“Honeyteering” Couple Chooses Faltirons Habitat How cool is this? A honeymoon couple will spend two days of their honeymoon volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. That is so great, and I am wondering if others will follow suit. Think about. How unselfish is this couple? Honeymoons are not meant for work, and yet this couple will be volunteering to help people in need. Shannon Continue reading Volunteer Honeymoon

Our Mini Vacation

Each year, we take a mini vacation at Katie’s parents camp. There are always many people there, and we have much fun. This year, Katie invited Skye’s boyfriend and two of Zowie’s friends along as well. Usually this is a completely free vacation for us, but I decided that I couldn’t expect her to feed all of us for the weekend, on top of everyone … Continue reading Our Mini Vacation

The Low-Income Life

Living the Low-Income Life is not always easy. There is no quick fix for poverty, no matter what some people may believe. Most low-income families are simply doing the best that they can with what they have, and working hard to better their children’s lives. This seems like an uphill battle to most, but they still perservere. They do whatever they can to make the … Continue reading The Low-Income Life

Purchases Affecting Credit

What you buy affects your credit: What can I say. It’s a good thing that I never decided to have a credit card! Apparently credit card companies have been looking too hard into what people are purchasing, penalizing those who try to save money by purchasing generic brands. What a crappy practice! President Obama signed a reform law for this practice in May, to stop … Continue reading Purchases Affecting Credit

Increasing the Well-Being of Women on Low-Income

Even though this took place in Canada, I still wanted to share the link with all of you. Maybe I even have some Canadian readers. If so, please introduce yourselves. You can also tell us about experiences that you may have had with this program. It looks like a good one. You can check it out here. It is called the Inspire Program. Have a … Continue reading Increasing the Well-Being of Women on Low-Income

Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital

BusinessWeek.com features the article Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital. Are you one of these millions? I have not attempted to set up my converter boxes yet. As a matter-of-fact, I may also have to buy new antennas for the televisions. Not sure yet. I suppose that I will attempt to hook them up this week or next. See what happens… I cannot afford … Continue reading Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital

Economic downturn. Recession. Depression.

Hmmm…have you noticed the gas prices lately? They are up again. Not surprisingly. My mother just found out that her oil company won’t let her lock-in at the not-so-low price that kerosene is going for at this time. Food prices continue to rise. Bill rates continue to rise. People continue to lose jobs. More and more people are being forced to utilize food cupboards, and … Continue reading Economic downturn. Recession. Depression.

Low-Income Apartments

I have noticed a nasty trend in the low-income apartment living situation. Right from the beginning, I want to say that not all low-income communities are falling apart.  You have to understand…way back when my 19 year old daughter was 1, we moved into a low-income apartment. It was a great place to live, where you could trust your neighbors, everyone looked out for and … Continue reading Low-Income Apartments

Returnables for Low-Income People

Do you often see returnables on the side of the road? Do you bother to pick them up? Do you cash them in? Everyday, I can pick up at least four returnables while out walking, and some days there are significantly more. Saturdays and Sundays are great days for picking up returnables. I do not pick up all that I see. There is an older … Continue reading Returnables for Low-Income People

Freeze Your Buns off Challenge 2008

I thought that you all would be interested in this challenge. Though you are not expected to turn the heat off entirely, you are expected to turn it down a little. The benefits are less pollution and a bit more money in your pocket. Shannon P.S. Check out the rest of the blog while you are their. It is a good one. Continue reading Freeze Your Buns off Challenge 2008

Take Advantage of After Christmas Sales

Hello everyone! Hope your holidays went well. I have been spending less time blogging and more time with family, but I have some ideas for upcoming information. Here is an article that I recently added to another blog. It is about after Christmas Shopping and really applies to everyone. Hope that you enjoy it. Shannon Continue reading Take Advantage of After Christmas Sales

Electric Bill Savings

I received a letter from the electric company yesterday telling me that, because I was approved for fuel assistance, I will be getting a discount on the distribution portion of my electric bill. After some figuring I discovered that, had I gotten the discount last month, I would have saved about $20.00 off by bill. That would have been helpful, as I still owe them … Continue reading Electric Bill Savings

Homeschooling: Saving Money on Materials and Supplies

I recently published an article on my Single Mom blog called Single Mothers Homeschooling Part 5: Saving Money on Materials and Supplies that you may enjoy. The article is one in a continuously growing series on homeschooling. Even if you are not a single mother, you will find each of the articles useful. To read the other articles, go to the left sidebar and scroll down to click … Continue reading Homeschooling: Saving Money on Materials and Supplies