Graphic copyright Shannon L. Buck, December 31, 2016.

Single Mom Family

If some of you aren’t aware, I raised my daughters on my own. Being a single mom is not always easy, but it’s the single most important the I’ve ever done, and the most rewarding. I used to write the Bangor Single Mom column on, until they closed down, and I loved writing for that outlet. When it closed, I decided I needed to … Continue reading Single Mom Family

Helping My Daughter Get Set Up in Her First Place

My daughter and her friend recently moved into their first apartment. They live just down the road from me, not far from the campus where they attend college. I purchased them some groceries, as well as a few other items to help them start out. Last week I went to the Orono thrift shop. I spent $3.00 and came home with 4 each of spoons, … Continue reading Helping My Daughter Get Set Up in Her First Place

Planning a Toy Swap

One way to recycle used toys is by getting together with other families to have a community toy swap. You will be able to hand over your child’s’ old toys and be able to get them ‘new’ ones. This event can take place outside during good weather, but can also be done in a large room or the garage. Whatever is convenient. Some things to … Continue reading Planning a Toy Swap

Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

I have been decluttering and learning to simplify my life. This process is helping: Me to learn that I do not need so much. Me to learn the art of letting go. Others to see that I do not want them to give me so many things, unless they will be useful. Others in that I am giving of my ‘things’ that I no longer … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

Tightwad Goals

What are your tightwad goals? Amy Dacyzyn lists hers in her book The Tightwad Gazette. Mine are here: To declutter and simplify my home and life. To purchase a few big ticket items at discount prices. I want good quality items that will, in some instance, serve multiple purposes, as well as last a long time. To prove that you can live the low-income life … Continue reading Tightwad Goals

Volunteer Honeymoon

“Honeyteering” Couple Chooses Faltirons Habitat How cool is this? A honeymoon couple will spend two days of their honeymoon volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. That is so great, and I am wondering if others will follow suit. Think about. How unselfish is this couple? Honeymoons are not meant for work, and yet this couple will be volunteering to help people in need. Shannon Continue reading Volunteer Honeymoon