Returnables for Low-Income People

Do you often see returnables on the side of the road? Do you bother to pick them up? Do you cash them in? Everyday, I can pick up at least four returnables while out walking, and some days there are significantly more. Saturdays and Sundays are great days for picking up returnables. I do not pick up all that I see. There is an older … Continue reading Returnables for Low-Income People

Open those Curtains and Save Money!!!

What is the temperature in your area? AOL is telling me that the temperature is currently 47*. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I had a nice, if wet, walk this morning. These are the days when it is possible to urn your heat down to 55* or less. Maybe even turn it off all together. This will help you to save money … Continue reading Open those Curtains and Save Money!!!

Goals for the New Year: 2009

By now, I’m sure that everyone has had the chance to reassess the previous year and decide, at least minimally, on what they want to accomplish in the new year. I am no exception. Here are my goals: Mental and Emotional Health: I am obviously not doing well with this one right now. I will be sure to take the time to do for myself. … Continue reading Goals for the New Year: 2009

Freeze Your Buns off Challenge 2008

I thought that you all would be interested in this challenge. Though you are not expected to turn the heat off entirely, you are expected to turn it down a little. The benefits are less pollution and a bit more money in your pocket. Shannon P.S. Check out the rest of the blog while you are their. It is a good one. Continue reading Freeze Your Buns off Challenge 2008

A Project and a Recipe

Hope you are all doing well. One of the things that I did for the holidays was make tied-fleece pillows for my nieces. They loved the pillows, even though they were made from recycled materials. The gifts went over well. I did not have to pay anything to make these. Yesterday, I had some Christmas leftovers to use up. We made an interesting lunch with … Continue reading A Project and a Recipe

Homemade Sanitary Pads and Diva Cups (Womanly Post)

So, I have been using the Diva Cup for a few months now and all is going well. I do have a couple of nights and days during my menstruation that are extremely heavy (medical problem) and the cup fills up too quickly, so I have also been using pads at those times. However, this is still costing me money that I do not want … Continue reading Homemade Sanitary Pads and Diva Cups (Womanly Post)

Quick Financial Tips

My phone bill is $8.00 a month. I took everything off it except the maintenance plan. I get a discount because I received HEAP a couple of times. Using coupons can mean a lot of savings, but sometimes you will save more by purchasing a different brand or a generic/store brand. Make sure you always check. Heat rises, so turn the heat down upstairs. You … Continue reading Quick Financial Tips

The $100.00 Holiday Gift Challenge

Katy, over at The Non-Consumer Advocate, is issuing a challenge for everyone. Do you think that you can acquire everyone’s holiday gifts for $100.00 or less. With the economy the way that it is, I believe that we will be trying to get as far below that as we can – in our household. Please visit her site at for more information. Shannon Continue reading The $100.00 Holiday Gift Challenge

Preparing for Winter

By Shannon Buck – Copyright September 2006 Winter is not far off, and we are beginning to prepare at our home.  These are the steps that we are taking this year. Hopefully some of the steps will help to save us a little money. * My old porch was rotting away. Two of the steps had already broken, and a couple more would have before … Continue reading Preparing for Winter

When you cannot Afford to Purchase a lot of Cleaning Supplies

By Shannon Buck – Copyright July 2007 Believe me, this happens in our household as well. I try to always have a few things on hand: a large bottle of vinegar (The vinegar smell does  not stay in the home that long. Only use a small amount with water.) a few large boxes of baking soda salt dish detergent, purchased at the dollar store with … Continue reading When you cannot Afford to Purchase a lot of Cleaning Supplies

Making Rags

It looks like we will be needing rags again. The old ones seem to have outlived their usefulness. I have been saving new dish cloths and dish towels for when I could no longer use the old ones for kitchen use. The old towels and cloths are very old, stained and yucky looking. I will cut them up and use them as rags until they … Continue reading Making Rags

Choosing the Appropriate School Lunch Box and Accessories

I know that children love those character lunchboxes. My daughters had them when they were young but, in retrospect, I would do a lot of things differently now. First, I would buy lunch packs rather than lunchboxes. The ones with the lining to help keep things cool. They usually come with a pocket to hold silverware, napkins and other small items. These can be purchased … Continue reading Choosing the Appropriate School Lunch Box and Accessories

Recycling Pants

I wear stretch pants. They are not the most economical, but they are the most comfortable. I have to buy new pants every 5-6 months, because they wear out so fast (which is why they are not really economical). I refuse to wear jeans until I lose some weight. Stretch pants are more comfortable anyway. I purchased a few pairs of pants with my income … Continue reading Recycling Pants

Preserving Food

You will notice that another page has been added to the blog. It is called Preserving Food, and can be found by looking at the top of the page or by going to As of now, I am only freezing. I do not, at this time, know how to can anything. I hope to learn this art in the future. I hope that you … Continue reading Preserving Food

The Make-Shift Compost Bin

My nephew and I built a compost bin a couple of weeks ago. We built it using big, heavy, wooden pallets. We had to do this in such a way that we could easily remove the top for adding materials, as well as the front for when we are ready to harvest the compost. Keep in mind that, there are dozens of cats in our … Continue reading The Make-Shift Compost Bin

How I Recycle

The only things that we actually recycle are returnables. We do not have a vehicle, and we do not have mandatory recycling pick-up because we live in a privately owned park. There are some other things that we do, though: * We get what newspapers that we need from my mother. When we are done with them,  I use them in the garden. * Whenever I have something … Continue reading How I Recycle

Reusing Every Day Items: Things that I Plan to do

There are still things that I intend to start doing to help the environment and to live more frugally. I am attempting to green my home in small steps. * I used to reuse aluminum foil, and I am going to get back into the habit of this. I will do the same with the wax and parchment papers. We line our baking pans with … Continue reading Reusing Every Day Items: Things that I Plan to do

Ways I Reuse Every Day Items

 There are many ways in which we can all live more frugally while saving our environment. Greening our homes does not have to cost megabucks up front. We can take our time to learn, which will provide us with money savings down the road. With the money that we save, we can purchase helpful items to help us save more money. We can also use … Continue reading Ways I Reuse Every Day Items

Tomorrow is World Environment Day

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) offer a list of 80 ways to celebrate World Environment Day. It is a great list, and a great thing to do for our Earth. If you read the growing number of posts in my Goals: Save and Help category, you will see what my family is doing to both help our and environment and save money in the … Continue reading Tomorrow is World Environment Day

Reusing Coffee Grounds

I have been doing this by adding the used grounds to the garden and planters. It is easy to just dump them in and spread them around. I will also be trying to use them as ant repellent. I noticed a huge ant hill in my yard today. Here are a couple of links that share many more ways to reuse coffee grounds: reading Reusing Coffee Grounds

Did Some Planting Today

Good afternoon, everyone! I did some container planting today. I spread some carrot seeds (Thumbelina, Danver’s and Short ‘N Sweet) in with some of the vegetables that I planted yesterday. I also planted some Rutger Tomatoes and Zucchini, as well as some herbs: Sweet Basil, Parsley, Lavender and Common Thyme. I planted a lot of Parsley so that I will (hopefully) have enough to dry … Continue reading Did Some Planting Today

Working in the Yard, Gardening

I will am starting a new category about gardening for food and pleasure, but I wanted to let you all know what I have been doing in the yard today. I have been working there all day, except for a short stint to the greenhouse, cemetery and grocery store. First, I built myself a garden bed from some of the wood from a big, heavy … Continue reading Working in the Yard, Gardening

Goals Updates for 5/24/2008

* Today was our big shopping trip. We shopped at the Goodwill, a thrift shop, Wal*Mart and Hannaford.  I used the many canvas tote bags that I have been collecting. * I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I purchased the cotton fleece for the cloth wipes. Now I have to set aside time to cut them out. * I purchased the … Continue reading Goals Updates for 5/24/2008

Goals Update: Showers

Well, I have managed to cut my waters use (and electricity, sewer bills) a little more. Not a lot each month, but it will add up over the course of a year. My showers are shorter. Generally, I take a quick shower, rinsing my body and only washing ‘the important parts’. This is working. My skin looks and feels better, and I am not stinky. … Continue reading Goals Update: Showers

Updates: My Goals

Well, Zowie and I each have an Infinity Razor now. So far, so good.  No razor burns anyway. I ordered the Diva Cups on Amazon, and am expecting them soon. I spent less than I have found the things in other places. I had to buy a refurbished monitor for the desktop. I hadn’t wanted to. The computer genius husband of one of my sisters tried … Continue reading Updates: My Goals

My Goals: Saving Money and Helping Our Earth

In light of all the goings on (rising prices and the sad shape our Earth is in), I have made some goals for myself. Prices are not going to stop rising any time soon, and I am not going to become rich any time soon, so something(or someone) has to give. That would be me. I am also sadly aware of the waste that households create, … Continue reading My Goals: Saving Money and Helping Our Earth