A Paperless Way to Send Cards and Invitations

I’ve recently been using Paperlesspost.com and love it! I even wrote about it on the Single Mom Family blog, so everyone could see how easy it is to use for sending cards, invitations and more. Continue reading A Paperless Way to Send Cards and Invitations


New Year Goal: Finances – Researching Little Ways to Invest

I wish I had enough money to invest in big ways. I wish I had enough for a retirement account. I wish, I wish, I wish… How about you? Even though I have more money now than when the girls were growing up, I seem to have less. Does that make sense? Things cost so much more than they used to. I have less bills … Continue reading New Year Goal: Finances – Researching Little Ways to Invest

New Year Goal: Finances – Separating Expenses

I have a debit card. No checking. No credit card. No savings. Just this one card I do everything with. I’ve been thinking lately that I’d be better able to keep track of where my money is going and separate expenses by having more than one account. This would be part of my theme for the new year: ORGANIZE These are the main categories of … Continue reading New Year Goal: Finances – Separating Expenses

Keeping it Frugal: Goal Setting for the Low-Income Family

  Setting goals as a family, for the new year or any time, is an important aspect of family togetherness. You want to set goals that the entire family can work on and, after a meeting or two over dinner to work out the details, you should be able to implement your goal(s) right off.   Goal setting and implementation does not have to cost … Continue reading Keeping it Frugal: Goal Setting for the Low-Income Family

2012 Goals for the Frugal is Fabulous! Blog

I have two main goals for this blog: Gear writings toward living frugally in this economy, while also touching on living in a depression – there is every indication a full blown depression is on the way. Being at least somewhat prepared just in case is not impossible on a low-income, if done right. Update the blog and continue adding to it. It always amazes … Continue reading 2012 Goals for the Frugal is Fabulous! Blog

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Curbside Pick-Up

Here is a topic from one of Amy’s readers, which you can find on page 193 of the Complete Tightwad Gazette. We have picked up many great items using this system. Each spring, communities have this roadside pick-up thing that they do. This helps us to declutter our homes. One benefit to doing this early and setting things out on the road is that people … Continue reading Curbside Pick-Up

Leach-Free Containers

There are leach-free alternatives to BPA products, both plastic and glass. These are durable, healthier choices for everyone, but cost can seem daunting. Do not think that way! Think about how much you are spending every month on plastic food baggies and other disposable items like these. Even if you reuse these items, they will still have to be replaced eventually, necessitating the use of … Continue reading Leach-Free Containers

Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

I have been decluttering and learning to simplify my life. This process is helping: Me to learn that I do not need so much. Me to learn the art of letting go. Others to see that I do not want them to give me so many things, unless they will be useful. Others in that I am giving of my ‘things’ that I no longer … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

Designer Clothing and Teens

Do teens still think they ‘need’ designer clothing? Amy Dacyzyn touches upon this subject on page 93 of her book The Complete Tightwad Gazette. She says: “Give your child a clothing budget…Save designer labels…form a parent group against…” Here are my thoughts: I have a teenager and a 20-year-old. We have always been ‘poor’ and most of their clothes have been hand-me-downs. When I have purchased … Continue reading Designer Clothing and Teens

How to Reuse Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Tubes

These tubes can also come from items such as wrapping paper, food wrap, etc. They can be reused for many things. I will share some ideas with you, and then you can share some with all of us in the comments. Feed electronics cords through them to clean up areas behind desks and entertainment centers. Store holiday lights in them. Cut them to size and … Continue reading How to Reuse Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Tubes

How to Reuse Bread Bags

Bread bags can be reused for a few things. I certainly wouldn’t throw them out before reusing them as many times as possible. Here are some ideas: Put them on childrens’ feet, over their socks and before putting on their shoes/boots on rainy days or to play outside in the winter. Dispose of cat litter in them. Use in the freezer to gather small items. … Continue reading How to Reuse Bread Bags

How to Reuse Glass Jars

Be they canning jars, or jars purchased that contain foods, they can be reused in numerous ways. This will help you to both save money and reduce trash that enters the landfills. Both good reasons to save the jars that you can reuse. Now, I am not giving pack-rats a reason to keep more stuff here. These items will need to be used. Do not … Continue reading How to Reuse Glass Jars

Using Coupons

I sometimes use coupons, but not always. I cut out many more than I use. Why? It is usually cheaper to purchase a store/generic brand. Store/generic brands are generally just brand names with less decorative packaging. Ex: If your store sells Hood milk, then the store brand milk is likely Hood. Here are some tips: Do not be brand loyal. By discounted items that need … Continue reading Using Coupons

Buying in Bulk

In Amy’s book, The Complete Tightwad Gazette, on page 35, she discusses buying in bulk. I find that I can save money by purchasing like this, especially with certain items: Toilet paper Dish cloths and towels Wash cloths Socks Food items Trash bags Boca burgers etc., etc. Amy tells us to be sure that we now regular prices. Again, I found this easier before the … Continue reading Buying in Bulk

Tightwad Goals

What are your tightwad goals? Amy Dacyzyn lists hers in her book The Tightwad Gazette. Mine are here: To declutter and simplify my home and life. To purchase a few big ticket items at discount prices. I want good quality items that will, in some instance, serve multiple purposes, as well as last a long time. To prove that you can live the low-income life … Continue reading Tightwad Goals

Energy Savings

Saving electricity is not only about saving money, though that is a big part of the equation. It is also important to our future as a whole. To live a greener life, in some cases, will automatically bring money savings. Sometimes this money savings is very much needed. Right now, I am saving energy costs because I have no water to heat. This is because … Continue reading Energy Savings

Family Guide to Going Green 2009

The Family Guide to Going Green 2009 is a great resource for any household.  As low-income individuals and families, some greening efforts can go a long way in saving us money. What could be better than that? (Except for saving the planet, of course.)  I, personally, found the guide very useful. I am already doing some things in the guide, and my daughter and I … Continue reading Family Guide to Going Green 2009

Reuse Glass Jars

I have a collection of old canning jars, as well as an assortment of food jars with lids. I also have many plastic food storage containers. I have been rethinking many things over the past year, and the use of plastic is only one of those things. I am giving away the plastic food containers to use glass food jars instead. In particular, the canning … Continue reading Reuse Glass Jars

Homemade Shampoo Recipes

Mama Kalila visited the blog and commented not long ago and mentioned homemade shampoo. I asked if she had any recipes and she directed me to her “no poo” post on her blog. I have posted the link to the recipes in the sidebar, but you can visit her blog at http://www.mamakalila.blogspot.com/. I enjoyed my visit there very much. Shannon Continue reading Homemade Shampoo Recipes

What to do with Small Pencils

As adults, it becomes hard to use pencils once they have been sharpened too many times. They are too small for our hands to comfortable handle. Does this mean that we must throw them out? Of course not! We can pass them along to young children. They have smaller hands than us, so they can still use them. This helps to reduce waste, and teaches … Continue reading What to do with Small Pencils

Hello, My Name is Shannon and I Reuse Aluminum Foil

Okay, okay. I admit it. I reuse aluminum foil. I use it on my bake ware to prevent messes. I use it to cover food before putting it into the refrigerator sometimes. I suppose there are a few other uses for aluminum foil as well. I wipe mine off and reuse it as many times as I can. Is this insane? Who knows. Does anyone … Continue reading Hello, My Name is Shannon and I Reuse Aluminum Foil

Homemade Laundry Detergent: More than One Choice

A while back Bethany, a reader, asked if I knew of any homemade laundry detergent that does NOT use Borax, which she believes to be a poison. (If so, Yuck!) I recently found a website that has a few different recipes for laundry detergent. It is called tipnut.com. I would like to direct each of you to recipes # 5, 7, 8, and 10 on … Continue reading Homemade Laundry Detergent: More than One Choice

There’s A New Redemption Center In Town…

…and I am weighing the possibilities. It would be very convenient to be able to drop them off here in town, and they will give me .06 per can rather than .05 per can. I could simply put some in a canvas bag, walk over there, and have a little extra money each day. This would be convenient, and I am always picking up returnables … Continue reading There’s A New Redemption Center In Town…

Returnables for Low-Income People

Do you often see returnables on the side of the road? Do you bother to pick them up? Do you cash them in? Everyday, I can pick up at least four returnables while out walking, and some days there are significantly more. Saturdays and Sundays are great days for picking up returnables. I do not pick up all that I see. There is an older … Continue reading Returnables for Low-Income People