10 Ways to Reuse Old Pallets by Shannon L. Buck

(Originally published to Y! Contributor Network. Reusing old items is very frugal. These projects will help you to use pallets from other projects, or from shipments.) 10 Ways to Reuse Old Pallets Old wooden pallets, used when items are shipped to stores and other business, can be reused in many ways, meaning they do not have to end up in landfills or be left in … Continue reading 10 Ways to Reuse Old Pallets by Shannon L. Buck

Frugal Lifestyles

On page 44 of The Tightwad Gazette, Amy discusses her frugal lifestyle. The article has great tips for fixing up a house that should have otherwise been burnt to the ground. The people the article focuses on did a lot of work to make the ramshackle building livable, and they did a great job. How did they do this? Mostly by scavenging. Getting what they … Continue reading Frugal Lifestyles

2-Tier Mini Greenhouses with Plastic Covering

I stopped in at a yard sale up the street last Saturday. I was pleased to find two mini greenhouses while I was there. They had never been used, so I was willing to pay more than I would normally pay for anything at a yard sale. I paid $10.00 each. Why? I have been drooling over those mini greenhouses for a couple of years. … Continue reading 2-Tier Mini Greenhouses with Plastic Covering

Family Guide to Going Green 2009

The Family Guide to Going Green 2009 is a great resource for any household.  As low-income individuals and families, some greening efforts can go a long way in saving us money. What could be better than that? (Except for saving the planet, of course.)  I, personally, found the guide very useful. I am already doing some things in the guide, and my daughter and I … Continue reading Family Guide to Going Green 2009

Un-Banking the Trailer

As I am working, Zowie is outside un-banking the trailer. She is 17, and has done this task for the last couple of years. She lays out the plastic so as it can dry thoroughly. In this way, we can reuse the plastic again next fall when we re-bank the trailer. She tries not to break any of the wooded slats so that they may … Continue reading Un-Banking the Trailer

Goals for the New Year: 2009

By now, I’m sure that everyone has had the chance to reassess the previous year and decide, at least minimally, on what they want to accomplish in the new year. I am no exception. Here are my goals: Mental and Emotional Health: I am obviously not doing well with this one right now. I will be sure to take the time to do for myself. … Continue reading Goals for the New Year: 2009

Caring for Your House Plants with Minimal Cost

House plants are actually pretty easy to care for. You want to know a few things to start with, like: Does the plant need full sun? Will it do well in a partially sunny window? How about a shady window? Does it need to be in a window at all? Does the plant like to be root bound? Some do, some don’t. Will it do … Continue reading Caring for Your House Plants with Minimal Cost

How to Acquire Free House Plants

I think that most people get their houseplants from their mother or grandmother. I once had a spider plant, rooted in a glass of water from a baby off my mothers plant. The thing grew huge and beautiful, but did not weather the move well. In the end, we lost it. I have a new one now, along with two porthos, that I acquired for … Continue reading How to Acquire Free House Plants

The Make-Shift Compost Bin

My nephew and I built a compost bin a couple of weeks ago. We built it using big, heavy, wooden pallets. We had to do this in such a way that we could easily remove the top for adding materials, as well as the front for when we are ready to harvest the compost. Keep in mind that, there are dozens of cats in our … Continue reading The Make-Shift Compost Bin

What is My Income? Part 2

Well, part one turned out to be pretty long, LOL, but I do believe that you all know how much income fluctuates from year-to-year, and about what my monthly bills are. This, by the way, is turning out to be one of the leaner years. We will make do, though. We always do. Last year was a great income year for me, which afforded me … Continue reading What is My Income? Part 2

How I Recycle

The only things that we actually recycle are returnables. We do not have a vehicle, and we do not have mandatory recycling pick-up because we live in a privately owned park. There are some other things that we do, though: * We get what newspapers that we need from my mother. When we are done with them,  I use them in the garden. * Whenever I have something … Continue reading How I Recycle

Reusing Every Day Items: Things that I Plan to do

There are still things that I intend to start doing to help the environment and to live more frugally. I am attempting to green my home in small steps. * I used to reuse aluminum foil, and I am going to get back into the habit of this. I will do the same with the wax and parchment papers. We line our baking pans with … Continue reading Reusing Every Day Items: Things that I Plan to do

Ways I Reuse Every Day Items

 There are many ways in which we can all live more frugally while saving our environment. Greening our homes does not have to cost megabucks up front. We can take our time to learn, which will provide us with money savings down the road. With the money that we save, we can purchase helpful items to help us save more money. We can also use … Continue reading Ways I Reuse Every Day Items

Reusing Coffee Grounds

I have been doing this by adding the used grounds to the garden and planters. It is easy to just dump them in and spread them around. I will also be trying to use them as ant repellent. I noticed a huge ant hill in my yard today. Here are a couple of links that share many more ways to reuse coffee grounds: http://www.curbly.com/DIY-Maven/posts/1881-Top-1-Uses-For-Used-Coffee-Grounds http://www.greendaily.com/2007/12/28/21-ways-to-use-old-coffee-grounds/Continue reading Reusing Coffee Grounds

Did Some Planting Today

Good afternoon, everyone! I did some container planting today. I spread some carrot seeds (Thumbelina, Danver’s and Short ‘N Sweet) in with some of the vegetables that I planted yesterday. I also planted some Rutger Tomatoes and Zucchini, as well as some herbs: Sweet Basil, Parsley, Lavender and Common Thyme. I planted a lot of Parsley so that I will (hopefully) have enough to dry … Continue reading Did Some Planting Today

Working in the Yard, Gardening

I will am starting a new category about gardening for food and pleasure, but I wanted to let you all know what I have been doing in the yard today. I have been working there all day, except for a short stint to the greenhouse, cemetery and grocery store. First, I built myself a garden bed from some of the wood from a big, heavy … Continue reading Working in the Yard, Gardening

Updates: My Goals

Well, Zowie and I each have an Infinity Razor now. So far, so good.  No razor burns anyway. I ordered the Diva Cups on Amazon, and am expecting them soon. I spent less than I have found the things in other places. I had to buy a refurbished monitor for the desktop. I hadn’t wanted to. The computer genius husband of one of my sisters tried … Continue reading Updates: My Goals

My Goals: Saving Money and Helping Our Earth

In light of all the goings on (rising prices and the sad shape our Earth is in), I have made some goals for myself. Prices are not going to stop rising any time soon, and I am not going to become rich any time soon, so something(or someone) has to give. That would be me. I am also sadly aware of the waste that households create, … Continue reading My Goals: Saving Money and Helping Our Earth

A Way To Get Useful Items

You may remember that I had been helping out the neighbors off an on this past winter. They have been sending me home with many things. At first I was doing this for free, but they have insisted on paying me since Christmas. I can use the money, so I am not complaining. However, this a good way to get useful items, even if you … Continue reading A Way To Get Useful Items

Do you believe in karma?

I help the couple across the street out when they need it. I did not let them pay me at first, then the husband gave me a $50.00 gift at Christmas. It is rude to give back a gift, and the money was helpful. The wife had given us clothes, spring bulbs to plant, baskets and many other small things. We were very grateful for … Continue reading Do you believe in karma?

After Christmas Shopping

After the holidays a great time to purchase clearance items for 50% and more off their regular prices for. These items can help you out a lot when next years holidays roll around. What to look for: gift-wrap, boxes and bags (Plain Red: Also good for Valentines Day, birthdays. Plain Green: Also good Image By: cohdra at morguefile.com for St. Patrick’s Day and birthdays. Other … Continue reading After Christmas Shopping

Helping Neighbors

I am the kind of person who enjoys helping people. I like to do things, without wanting money for my efforts. I have a neighbor who has had many surgeries, and is need of another. She and her husband are going to be moving in the spring, and she needs help going through her things. They are actually selling their home and most of their … Continue reading Helping Neighbors