Dear Frugal Diary 1/4/2010

The holidays went well. Most of the gifts that we gave were baked in our own kitchen. We gave a friend in need a care package of food and personal hygiene items. And we also made candles again. This year, we have enough candle materials to make them to give as birthday gifts as well. We had a simple Christmas meal with family: A very small … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary 1/4/2010

Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

I have been decluttering and learning to simplify my life. This process is helping: Me to learn that I do not need so much. Me to learn the art of letting go. Others to see that I do not want them to give me so many things, unless they will be useful. Others in that I am giving of my ‘things’ that I no longer … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

Dear Frugal Diary,

I wrote an article yesterday that completely upset some man named ‘Steve’. The article started off innocent as could be, as a way to be sure that children did not gorge themselves on their Halloween candy in a short period of time, which is not good for them. ‘Steve’ accused me of: Being sick Being twisted Stealing candy from children Obviously, these accusations are untrue. The … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary,

Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009

I am living as frugally as I know how. I had been out of work for months, and have been bringing in money whenever possible. I am doing different things: Babysitting when needed by someone. Writing at about $100 a week, sometimes more. Balancing a checkbook for a friend. Caring for a cat for a friend. We had a yard sale. I have many books to … Continue reading Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009