More Yard Sale Treasures

I visited another yard sale last weekend, where I came across a few good deals: Salem’s Lot, a book by Stephen King, for 25 cents. Bringing Down the House, a DVD for 75 cents. The Mothman Prophesies, a DVD for .75 cents. How exciting! I viewed both movies, and they work great. Bringing Down the Housewill be given to my daughter Zowie as a holiday … Continue reading More Yard Sale Treasures

2-Tier Mini Greenhouses with Plastic Covering

I stopped in at a yard sale up the street last Saturday. I was pleased to find two mini greenhouses while I was there. They had never been used, so I was willing to pay more than I would normally pay for anything at a yard sale. I paid $10.00 each. Why? I have been drooling over those mini greenhouses for a couple of years. … Continue reading 2-Tier Mini Greenhouses with Plastic Covering

Todays Yard Sale Finds

I had some luck at the yard sales that I found this morning. I got in and extra 2 miles of walking. And I earned 20 cents by picking up a few returnables. No too bad of a day! Here were my yard sale finds: 1 cordless phone unit: 1 base phone, 2 smaller base phones that we won’t need phone jacks for. $5.00 4 … Continue reading Todays Yard Sale Finds

Yard Sale Finds

I went to a yard sale a couple of days ago, and came home with a few household items, some things for Skye’s first apartment, and some holiday gifts. I paid $3.00 for an overstuffed bag. It was one of those fill a bag deals where you end up paying much less than the total price of all of the tags. This is what I … Continue reading Yard Sale Finds