Business Ideas

These articles do not go into great detail about the legalities of starting your own business. They are a guide to get you started, give you ideas to help you begin.

Some businesses cost little to start, others cost significantly more.

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Garden Businesses

*New* Starting an Herb Business

*New* Native Plants Business

How to Grow Vegetables for Market

How to Start a Flower Business

How to Grow Container Herbs for Profit

Growing Vegetable Seedlings for Market

How to sell Vegetable Plants

How to Grow Potted Herbs for Profit

How to Open a Flower Stand

How to Start a Nursery or Greenhouse business

Crafty/Make-Your-Own Products Businesses

*New* Selling Decorative Soaps

How to Start an Organic Dog Food Business

How to Start a Dry Mixes and Seasonings Business

How to Start an Online Confectionery Store

Childcare Businesses

*New* 4 Patriotic Daycare Crafts

*New* Daycare Fun: 4 Outdoor Summer Activities

*New* 4 Spring Crafts for Daycare Children

*New* 4 Outdoor Spring Activities for Daycare Children

*New* How to Gather Craft Materials for Your Daycare

*New* How to Succeed as a Childcare Provider

*New* Keeping Home Daycare Records

*New* How to Gather Craft Materials for Your Daycare

How to Start a Licensed Daycare in Your Home

How to Start a Home Daycare in Florida

Other Businesses

*New* Four Ways a Dollar Store can Target Low to Middle-low Income Customers

How to Make Money with a Fishing Hobby

How to Run a Painting Business

How to Open a Country Store

How to Open a Food Cart Business

How to Start a Drive-In Theater Business

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