Started off Rocky this Year!

I thought I was doing good at the beginning of the year. My budget was set, I knew exactly what I needed to do with both paychecks. I was even taking advantage of gift cards and clearance sales, and had a plan for the holiday pay and overtime I had accumulated the previous month and on January first. I knew exactly how much was needed to pull everything off.

But then I got called into work for an extra shift. Now, this sounds like a great opportunity. Eight hours of overtime goes a long way, right? I even ended up with another eight hours the next day.

Before I can get the money for that overtime, though, I had to spend more money then. Consider I get paid every two weeks, but all of my money is budgeted out before I get the check. Then I had to have an extra cab ride and a couple of more bus rides. And because I had been woken up early those days, I also did not have food prepared to bring in with me, so I ended up having to order food.

Because I didn’t the extra cash on hand, I had to take it out of the money envelopes I had just started for the three things I am saving for: An apartment/room in a different location (hopefully) this year, my future home, and the money I am saving to provide a meal for the homeless shelter at the holidays. That stung. I really didn’t want to use that money because it felt like I wasn’t meeting my goals.

That was $35.00 that I had to spend to cover those two days, over my budget.

In a way I was happy, because I was definitely going to come out of it richer in the end, but I had to put close to half a days pay back into those envelopes when I did finally get the next pay check. And I had the stress of knowing I had already screwed up my savings efforts before the first month of the year was over.

Now $35.00 may not seem like much to you, but it is a lot for me. Especially because I am trying to better myself financially.

In the end, I did make a great deal of money those days, I found some great deals on items I had been needing (not wanting), and I ended up with two free-to-me meals and a discount on a third. I now have the clothes, boots, gloves, and office supplies I need, as well as a few little things I had bought to treat myself. I spoiled myself just a little, and spent a day with my daughter. It was wonderful, having the extra money to take care of my needs and to treat myself and Skye.

Happy New Year everyone!



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