Finding Deals

Despite the rocky financial start I had this year, I really did get some great deals and a couple of freebies. A guest at the inn, where I work as a Front Desk Agent, bought me dinner – I love Chinese, but rarely eat it, so it was a nice treat. And I had enough money to buy many items I needed all at once from Wal-Mart and Kmart, netting me free shipping. And $6.08 additional was saved at Kmart because I am a Shop Your Way Rewards member. Plus I earned another $9.46 in rewards to spend at a later date.

In addition to all that, I found great prices for meal prep containers at Wal-Mart. Check them out here to see if they might be something you can use. I bought two pairs of gloves for $1.50, and paid only $11.00 for a nice, black cardigan that was originally priced at $14.99. I even bought a gift for my mom at a $3.00 discount.

What savings did you come by in December?



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