Review: Sway Underarm Detox Deodorant Starter Kit

I don’t know about you, but I’ve begun the search for personal hygiene products that will be less harsh on my skin. I’ve noticed over the past year that my skin has changed. It is different and, even though it does seem vein, I just do not want to age before my time. I want to continue to feel good about myself.

The SWAY Underarm Detox Deodorant and Dusting Powder in the starter kit are aluminum free; aluminum being one of the things I want to get rid of as far as deodorant goes. The products purify, exfoliate, and balance PH levels. They are also detoxifying.

I’ve used the kit for almost two weeks now, and am happy with it. Honestly, when you put the deodorant on it is strongly scented. Some of that scent has dissipated as it dries – by the time you’ve waited the few minutes to apply the dusting powder. I do like the scent of the dusting powder quite a bit, which is what your underarms will smell like throughout the day, and that is not strongly scented. I also noticed that I know longer have the white residue that other deodorants leave on my black tops. Yay!

The starter kit itself is $16.99, and then you can buy the products as you need them separately or as the kit again. At first I needed to reapply both in the evenings every day, but now I don’t. For the most part, unless I am being very active, applying in the morning is enough to get me through the day. Separately, the deodorant costs $15.29, and the dusting powder costs $5.50, so the starter kit is a good deal. But over time you wont use as much deodorant, so it will last longer. Then you’d reevaluate how you buy the products. These are obviously on the higher price side, but sometimes you have to spend more to get better. Pick and choose where you do this.

SWAY is not only for women, they also have the kits for men.

They do have a rewards program to benefit from as well.

By using the SWAY products, as well as other natural products, you are limiting the chemicals you are putting on your body.


NOTE: I did receive the starter kit from SWAY to try and then review, but I am not otherwise affiliated with the company and they have not paid me. Remember that I do not review products I do not truly benefit from or believe in.

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