Review: Dove Beauty Bars

Dove is a classic for me. I remember it form years ago. I’ve used it again for about a week, as I want something gentler for my skin.

Not being a soap, Dove is a quarter moisturizing cream. Who couldn’t use that, especially during the winter months when our skin gets so dried out due to the extremely cold temperatures outside, and the dry heat of inside?

After using soap or body wash, I notice that my face in particular seems even more dry and tight, leaving me feeling less comfortable in my skin. Now that I have used Dove again for the past week, my skin is noticeably smoother; softer. I really like that feel.

Even though it is not a soap, Dove does contain a gentle cleanser that leaves your skin clean. It maintains your skins texture and appearance, and feels great.

I’m using the basic white beauty bar, but while visiting their site the other day I noticed they now have a large collection of bars to choose from. Besides the core bars, of which there are six choices, you can choose from three Dove Go Fresh Bars, three Dove Purely Pampering bars, and two Dove Seasonal Bars. I’m seriously thinking about trying the winter bar next.

I also like the gentle scent of the basic beauty bars, which I can still smell a while after washing. It helps me to feel cleaner, fresher, for a longer period of time.


NOTE: I did receive a 2-bar pack of Dove to try and then review, but I am not otherwise affiliated with Dove and they have not paid me. I’m happy I’ve been re-introduced to this product after so many years, as I’m trying to get away from harsher cleansers, especially where my face is concerned. I do not review products I do not truly benefit from or believe in.






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