Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright April 7, 2017.

Do You Spend Above Your Means?

I was recently reading results over on for a survey called Would You Reveal Your Credit Debt to the World? While I don’t have credit card debt to reveal, I know there are many people who read this blog who do hold this type of debt. I figured I’d share some of their findings.

You are not alone if you do have this type of debt. It seems that just over 25% of respondents are embarrassed by how much credit card debt they have. A little more than 16% of people are so embarrassed about this debt that they would rather have nude photos posted of themselves on social media, than the amount of their debt. Jeesh! And almost half of the people who responded would rather have their income posted. Are you part of the 25.5% who admit to spending above your means?

It can be difficult to get our spending under control. I’ve never had a credit card, but I do have other types of debt – including medical. All we can do is work to get those debts paid off, even when it seems like we’ll never meet that goal.

Living a frugal life is one way to do this – a big way. And this blog is here to help you live as frugally as possible. Every dollar you save is an extra dollar for paying down debt. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Stop using credits when grocery and other shopping in stores. Pay with cash.
  • Use a debit card when shopping online. You don’t have to keep much money on it, just what you need to cover the cost of what you are buying. It’s money you already have, so you wont go further in debt.
  • Or, use PayPal when available.
  • Decide not to do any unnecessary spending for 30 days. How did it feel to do this? How much did you save? Put that money toward paying off your debt.

What other ways can you think of to live more frugally so you can pay off that debt?









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