The Art of Money

Book Review: The Art of Money by Bari Tessler

You may have noticed that I’m learning more about handling money, investing, and other financial concerns this year. Perhaps you read my posts It’s Time to Get Our Finances in Order and Do You Have a Clear Picture of Your Financial Situation. And maybe you read my New Year Goal posts about Researching Little Ways to Invest and Separating Expenses.

I’m still on my quest to learn more about different aspects of finances, and was overjoyed to read Bari Tessler’s book The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness. Bari is the creator of the global, year-round program The Art of Money, and she uses a caring, conversational writing style to guide us through the book so we can learn all about our financial situations. All this, she does gently.

“Money… is about our relationship with ourselves.”~ Bari Tessler

To begin, Bari takes creatives and non creatives on a money journey in Eight Money Areas:

  1. Clarity
  2. Intimacy
  3. Knowledge
  4. Ease and Peace of Mind
  5. Success
  6. Value
  7. Hope
  8. Support

Then she takes you through the Three Phases of Deep Money Work:

  1. Money Healing – Money shame is a real thing, but you can learn not to practice it with body check-ins, healing rituals, and other important tools.
  2. Money Practices – Self-care is important in money work. Bari Takes you through how to connect on a spiritual level with your money practice, and teaches about value-based bookkeeping. (I’m loving this!)
  3. Money Maps – Here is where you create your money map and your money legacy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, picking it up to read any time I had a few minutes to spare. I went through the money healing rituals, that guided me through important things that were hindering my ability to have a good relationship with money. (And I still use them!) This step helps to clear the way for more money work as I progress through the book, and I’m not done yet.

I learned that there are three levels of money practice: Emotional, psychological, and physical-spiritual, about the five myths of forgiveness, and about the types of money healing.

Bari also offers a resource section in the back of the book, so you can learn more about living the financial life you want.

Today I’m creating my own money legacy, and this will be the start of a new journal for me. I’m not sure yet what I’ll call the journal, but it will hold all the information about my money journey. I’ll also start the process of naming my money categories, in such a way that they mean something to me and will help me to stay on track with my goals.

See the pretty notebook behind the book in the picture? That’s the one I’m going to use for my money legacy and all things financial. I love the cover design! It’s a thick notebook with plenty of pages. The pages are lined, and they are perforated in case I end up needing to file anything. It also has a black ribbon bookmark to easily hold my place. Believe it or not, this notebook only cost $3.00, on clearance at Walmart. And it is perfect for my money journey.

Money healing can take time, but I know I’ll get there. So will you! Pick up or order your copy today: The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness. (This is not an affiliate link! Just a means of linking to the book.)

Have you read this book? Have you begun your own money journey? Please share links to your reviews, or your thoughts on the book, in the comments.



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