Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?

I’ve visited the Living Well Spending Less site on several occasions. I love the clean look of the site, and the products are so nice. I’m actually working through the Goal Setting Workbook, and I just found the free The LWSL Spring Cleaner Planner 2017! Two of the things I like best about the workbook and the planner are the bright colors and the streamlined, clean look of the pages. I’m sure you’ll like the look as well.

Spring cleaning is an important step in managing a household.

At this point, I rent only a room with a shared bathroom, but I still need to spring clean so this will definitely be helpful. The ebook is free for a limited time, and offers useful information and the space to write out plans and to-do lists, and it keeps all the information in one tidy place.

Decide what needs to be done this spring, and use the weekly cleaning plan, calendars, and other resources to organize when and how to get things done. This way, you’ll be free to enjoy the rest of spring and the summer months without big cleaning projects looming over your head.

Are you into green cleaning?

The planner will help you with this as well, in a frugal manner that wont break the bank. Green cleaning helps the environment, and is far better for our health than when using standard cleaners. I’m looking into this type of cleaning as well and have decided that, when my stocks of regular cleaners run out, I’ll be switching to green cleaners for the long haul. This will give me time to gather the supplies I need and try different recipes.

Wondering what cleaning personality you have?

So was I, so I took the quiz!

Turns out, I’m considered a Clean Colleen, even though I have a couple of little messy spots I have to declutter every few weeks or so. I wonder, is there anyone who doesn’t have at least a couple of these little spots in their home?

Happy cleaning!



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