Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright March 11. 2017.

Deals at Walmart

Walmart has reduced price racks at the back of the store. I check them out each time I go in, and have found some decent deals on brands I like. You should check them out the next time you’re there.

Breads and dessert items are always available, but you can find other things as well. I’ve come away with pickles, soups, oatmeal, and so much more.

Our Bangor location also has clearance aisles, and I check them out each time I visit as well.

This trip was all about tomatoes. That’s what was available that I knew I’d use.

  1. Diced tomato, regular price of $1.24, paid $0.87. Saved $0.37.
  2. Two diced tomato, regular price of $0.88 each, paid $0.62 each. $1.24. Saved $0.52.
  3. Tomato soup, regular price of $1.00, paid $0.70. Saved $0.30.
  4. Ladle, regular price $5.97, paid $2.00. Saved $3.97.
  5. Four dish towel bundle, regular price $5.97, paid $4.00. Saved $1.97.

Total savings = $7.13

Paid = $8.81

One thing I promise myself is that I wont buy anything on clearance/discounted that I wouldn’t have bought anyway. A ladle and dish towels have been on my master shopping list for some time now. I use diced tomato when I make chili, so I like to keep stocked on that item, and I like to have tomato soup once-in-a-while. This is my way of being sure I don’t go overboard. I live in a room. I don’t have space for many extras, so I try to keep things simple.

If you’re interested, check out my store closing sale adventures:


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Read more about my plans for saving money during the closing sales and Macy’s, as well as at Kmart.

Happy shopping!



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