Photogrpah by Shannon L. Buck, copyright March 17, 2017.

Getting Ahead on the Holidays, and Stocking Up

I’ve always been one to buy items for holiday gift-giving when I see them at good deals, but because I rent a room I don’t have much space for storing such items any more. As long as I can keep the gifts I’m buying small, I can store them in with the other holiday items, so I’ve collected small things for the various recipients I give to.

I also only have one cupboard to store the things that my grandson keeps at my place, so what I do buy for him has to fit in there. The cupboard is not a large one.

I have a sort of make-shift pantry that I set up in my small closet, and have begun using sales to help me stock that as well. If you’re not already aware of why I spend so much on some food items, you can find out at Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy. I don’t buy the expensive stuff often, and when I do I try to use coupons. Basically, I’m learning to eat in a healthier way because of health concerns. A contributing factor in why I try to spend as little as possible in other areas these days.

Today I found a few good deals at Wal*Mart:

  1. A size 4T outfit for Little Man (my grandson), Russell Athletics, Maine Black Bears, $19.97, yellow tagged at $10.00, paid $9.47. Saved $10.50.
  2. Two Barney Butter Almond Butter, non-gmo, no sugar, no salt, $6.98 each, two $1.00 coupons, paid $5.58 each. Saved $2.00.
  3. Wood Works Building Blocks, 15 piece set. Seen for $6.99, on clearance for $3.00. Saved $3.99.
  4. Grin&Grow 3-pack easy grab wooden puzzle set with storage rack. Seen for $7.88, on clearance for $5.00. Saved $2.88.

Total saved: $19.37

Paid: $28.63 + tax

Our local Wal*Mart has permanent clearance aisles that I check almost every time I go there. I always find at least a few new items have been added, but I don’t always find anything I need. I try to only get what I need for myself and, if there is extra money, items to give as gifts.

This trip netted me three gifts for my precious grandson.



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