Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright March 11. 2017.

Kmart Shopping Trips # 3 and # 4 – Closing Sales

I’m proud of myself. I’ve kept my purchases during the Kmart closing sales to things I would have bought anyway. (You can see what I bought and paid during trip 1 and trip 2.)

A couple of weeks back I went shopping there (trip # 3), and picked up a few things: Two journals, Post-it’s, and index tabs. I had enough points that I didn’t have to pay, but the total would have been $7 and some change.

The deals are getting a bit better each time I visit the store, but the available items are also more picked over each time. Still, I look for things I might need. These are my deals from trip #4:

  1. I picked Little Man up a $10.00 shirt. It was supposed 50% off, but when I got to the checkout it was only $2.99. Saved $7.01. Good deal!
  2. Two pair of cozy socks, regularly $1.99, paid $0.99 each. $1.98. Saved $2.00.
  3. Two VO5 Shampoo, sticker price of $1.19 each, paid $0.77 each. $1.54. Saved $0.84.
  4. Smart Sense 35 ct. disinfectant wipe, sticker price of $1.99, paid $1.39. Saved $0.60.
  5. Two pancake mix pouches. Were $1.00 each, paid $0.70 each. $1.40. Saved $0.60.
  6. Pickles priced at $3.59. $2.37. Saved $1.22.
  7. Soup priced at $1.00. $0.70. Saved $0.30.

Savings: $12.57 + $1.68 SYW Rewards Points redeemed = Total Savings: $14.25

Paid = $11.10

As you can see, I got quite a bit for my money. This included groceries, and three holiday gifts that I’ll away.

I love a good deal, especially one on an item I was already planning to buy, and am always looking for ways to save money. Discounted items help me to stretch my dollars. What savings have you found at Kmart?



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