Photogrpah by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 31, 2017.

Kmart Shopping Trip #2 – Closing Sales

My first Kmart closing sale shopping experience was on January 17. It netted me one good deal and a few mediocre ones.

Today’s shopping trip was a little better. Keeping in mind my promise of not buying things I don’t need and haven’t already decided to get, I thought carefully about each item and came away with some good deals.

I noticed that more items were at 25% off and up than when I did my first shopping trip. A lot more was at just 10% that first day. So the deals are getting better.

A Kmart employee had dropped off coupons at work, and I grabbed one the last time I was there. It offered and extra 10% off the total purchase amount, so that netted me extra savings.

These were my savings:

$4.00 – Mega Bloks First Builders 20-piece set in a handy tote ($9.99, paid $5.99)

$2.00 – Journal ($7.99, paid $5.99)

$2.50 – 2 journals ($4.99 each, paid $3.74 each)

$4.80 – Sports bras, 2-pack ($11.99, paid $7.19 for both)

$4.41 – Leggings ($10.98, paid $6.58)

$3.00 – Cozy (super soft!) ankle socks, 3 pair ($1.99 each, paid $0.99 each)

$0.60 – 3 ounce mini candles, 2 ($1.00 each, paid $0.70 each)

$0.40 – Xtra laundry detergent ($3.99, paid $3.59)

$0.56 – Shredded Mozzarella cheese ($2.79, paid $2.23)

$0.40 – Tortilla chips ($2.00, paid $1.60)


$22.67 savings

$-  4.51  coupon


$27.18 total savings

+ 3,000 Shop Your Way Rewards Points bonus for a total of 3,615 points to be used by March 2, 2017.

With this trip I took care of three Christmas gifts, got myself some much-needed clothes and a couple of candles, stocked up a little on journals (I can never have too many), bought tortilla chips and cheese to make chili topped nachos for dinner at while at work, and got the laundry detergent I needed. Not too bad.

NOTE: I was saddened to see that the Little Caesar’s is already closed. I went into Kmart thinking this would be my last order of the cheesy breadsticks, but no. 😦

Have you been shopping a Kmart is closing yet? What do you think of the deals so far?



4 thoughts on “Kmart Shopping Trip #2 – Closing Sales

  1. I went to KMart with Chuck after work yesterday. I got saved almost $10 on a card table, $7 on a pair of pants, $4 on tennis balls for the dogs, and $7 on a bra. I got a few other items as well. I saved over $36 on the whole trip. Chuck got the last pair of the jeans he likes in his size, a TV antenna, and a sweatshirt for $25. He said that the jeans were regularly $20. I guess he got a good deals as well.

    1. Those are great deals! I’m doing good with staying on track – not buying anything I wasn’t going to buy this year anyway. If I had more space to store things, I’d take more advantage of the sales to buy more holiday gifts.

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