Photogrpah by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 23, 2017.

Kmart Shopping Trip #1 – Closing Sales

My first Kmart closing sale shopping experience was on January 17. It netted me one good deal and a few mediocre ones. I’m fully aware the deals will get better, but I needed a few office supplies on that day, for projects I’m was working on. I’m also aware that, by the time the best deals are happening, the store will be pretty well picked over.

I needed post-it tabs for a notebook project, as well a couple of packages of dividers for another project. I also needed pencils and good erasers. I recently cleaned out my desk drawer, and had to get rid of the pencils and eraser I had, because none of the erasers worked. They just left horrid smudges on paper.

I also bought my grandson a Yule gift. A nice fleece blanket. And I bought some canned pumpkin off the $1.00 rack, at a discount.

These were my savings:

$1.10 – Post-it tabs ($4.29, paid $3.19)

$0.49 – 3 pk pink erasers ($1.99, paid $1.59)

$0.24 – 12 pk #2 pencils ($1.19, paid $0.95)

$4.60 – 2 packages of index dividers ($5.49 each, paid $3.19 each)

$6.00 – Fleece throw ($9.99, paid $3.99)

$0.22 – 2 cans pumpkin ($1.00 each, paid $0.89 each)


$12.65 savings

Not too bad. And the deals will get better as time goes by.

I’ve made a promise to myself: I will not buy things I don’t need and haven’t already decided to get during these store closing sales. I needed the office supplies, the canned pumpkin went straight into the pantry for the stocks I’m starting, and I already knew I wanted to get my grandson a blanket for when he spends the night with me. That will be a good gift for him.

Have you been shopping a Kmart is closing yet? What do you think of the deals so far?



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