Heads Up! Many Kmart & Sears Stores Closing

Kmart has been one of my favorite stores to shop at for quite some time. I’ve gotten so many SYWR points that I’ve netted a bunch of free stuff. I’m able to couple coupons with b1g1 sales for great savings. They also have good deals on the clothes I wear, so it will be sad to see the store go.

According to this article, Kmart will be closing the doors to my local store (Bangor, Maine) in April. Sears will be closing their Augusta, Maine location as well, though I’m not exactly sure when. Sadly, this means people no longer have their jobs. I’m hopeful they’ll all quickly be able to find jobs elsewhere.

Store closings generally mean closing sales, so there should be some good saving opportunities in the near future at these and the other Kmart and Sears locations. I’m not sure what the sales will look like, and I’m not suggesting buying things just because they are on sale.

Stay on track with what you really need, and you should be able to net some good savings. Remember to always use your Shop Your Way Rewards card to keep racking up those points. They can still be used for online purchases.

I know I’ll be taking stock of clothing needs, as well as household, cleaning, and personal hygiene items I’ve been putting off buying. If I can net a good enough deal, I’ll buy them at Kmart. Especially bras! This is the only store I’ve found where I can buy one affordably and it will actually fit.

I’ll likely be making bi-weekly trips just to see what deals they have. And I’m hoping to find some good coupons to use with sales to save even more.



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