New Year Goal: Finances – Researching Little Ways to Invest

I wish I had enough money to invest in big ways. I wish I had enough for a retirement account. I wish, I wish, I wish… How about you?

Even though I have more money now than when the girls were growing up, I seem to have less. Does that make sense? Things cost so much more than they used to. I have less bills but pay more; less food but spend more. Doesn’t seem fair. I thought I’d be spending so much less when the girls moved out that I’d have extra money to invest. I was wrong.

I know there isn’t a lot of time left to save for retirement. If I even get to retire. Who knows? I’m hoping to, but people are working longer now than they used to. What happened to those happy golden years I used to hear about?

This year one of my financial goals is to do some research on how I might be able to invest just a little here and there. These actions may not make a huge difference for me during my retirement, but every little bit really does help. I’m not looking to break the bank or anything, just for ways where I can put away a few dollars here and there. Ways I might not really notice so much.

Do you invest in little ways? I’d like to know how this is working out for you. I’ve read about a few ways this is possible, and will be looking into those ways further. I’ll give (an) update(s) later in the year about what I learn.

Is it time for you to think about how to invest for your future?

Happy New Year!



7 thoughts on “New Year Goal: Finances – Researching Little Ways to Invest

  1. Definitely do your research on this, but use a Roth IRA as your emergency fund so the interest on that can grow tax free for retirement. I think Betterment has no, or a very low minimum balance required to open an account. Vanguard seems to be the way to go, but they require $1,000 to open an account.

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