Plans for My Christmas Money

I was talking to my mom the other day and the topic of gifts came up. My parents are giving Christmas money again, and I told her I already know what I am doing with the money. I’m stocking up on food, and maybe some cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items depending on how much I get. But definitely food.

You never know what curve balls life will throw at you, and being ready for things is important. Say I have to miss a day of work this winter because I’m sick, or the roads are covered with ice and I can’t get there. That is a whole day of pay I might not be able to make up. If I have a stock of food and some other essentials on hand, I wont need to worry about having to buy groceries when that pay check comes in, and I can still make the rent payment. Considering I am paid bi-weekly, it’s very important I have extra food in the pantry.

One year I bought two pair of sneakers with my Christmas money. The ones I get are more expensive than I would like, but they don’t hurt my feet. I walk  a lot so good shoes are important.

And I used to pay bills with my Christmas money. I did that for years.

What will you be doing with your Christmas money?

Happy holidays!



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