Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright November 2016.

Review: HipS-sister – A Cool Way to Carry Things While Walking

I was contacted to review this product and immediately said yes. Why? So I don’t have to carry my purse with me everywhere I go. Purses are cumbersome, and make it difficult to go some places – like when I want to climb steep hills and whatnot. They just seem to always be in the way. I like to explore different areas, for new photography locations, and the hipS-sister looked like just the thing I needed to help with this.

I was sent one of these free, to test out and report on what I think.

Simply put, I love it.

I never was able to get in on the fanny pack craze, because they seemed bulky and hideous. But the hipS-sister is a more fashionable choice that I was happy to try. They gave me a choice of color and I, of course, chose purple. My favorite! The hipS-sister fits over your pants and looks nice and the one I received is reversible. Zippered pockets allow me to store my keys, and will hold a cell phone.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2016This product is also comfortable. Not too loose or too tight. There is a size chart on their site, and I suggest the Sale page for the best deals. I do think the hipS-sister is well worth the full cost, be we all know I like a good deal.

The hipS-sister would also be a great asset while shopping, because it will also hold your money and debit card. They will be easily accessible when checking out.

I wasn’t sure, being the size I am, that it would fit right, but then I noticed they come in sizes! Being a 2X, I requested a size C and I’m happy to report that it fits just fine. The hipS-sister is functional, and comes in a number of color combinations.



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