Photogrpah by Shannon L. Buck copyright November 21, 2016

Kohl’s Shopping Trip – Free for Me

I work at inn, in an area with a lot of businesses to shop at. The inn has many, many guests that come down from Canada, for whom we are all grateful. When our Canadian guests shop at Kohl’s, they aren’t usually here to enjoy the benefits of the Kohl’s Cash they receive. Some people leave these for the housekeepers. Others leave them with whomever is working at the front desk.

We are blessed to receive these gifts, and during one of the tours we had in I ended up with $50.00. The first $10.00 I gave to a coworker, then I was given $30.00 more. And one of my sisters gave me another $10.00.

So today I headed into Bangor early, and did a little shopping.

This is what I bought:

2 Sleepers for my grandson:      $20.00 each – $10.00 each (Sale!) = $10.00 each = $20.00

Hand Towels:                                $14.99            – $7.49 (Sale!)             =  $7.50           =   $7.50

5 Votive candles:                             $1.99 each   – $0.50 each (Sale!)   =  $1.49 each  =   $7.45

Jar candle:                                     $11.99             – $5.00 (Sale!)             =  $4.99           =  $4.99


                                                         $76.93            – $34.99                                                  = $39.94

                                                          Kohl’s cash                                                                     – $40.00


                                                                                                                                                    = -$0.06


                                                         I paid                                                                                 =  $0.00

Not a bad deal. This is a total of five Christmas gifts out-of-the-way, plus a few candles for myself, without having to spend a penny. I’d say that is pretty darn good!

Have you snagged any freebies thus far into the holiday season? Share your experiences with us below.

Happy shopping!



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