Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright October 30, 2016.

Mini At-Home Spa Moments: A Relaxing End to Your Day

As part of my Mini At-Home Spa Moments series, I’d like to share with you a relaxing way to end your day. The Mini At-Home Spa Moments are affordable luxuries for the frugally minded.

  1. Shower or bathe using a pleasantly scented body wash, such as one from the Softsoap Luminous Oils line. My favorite is the Macadamia Oil & Peony, which I reviewed after being sent a free bottle to try.
  2. Use a dandruff/dry scalp shampoo in the winter and fall, or any time your scalp is dry. Work it in really well, and let it sit for a minute before rinsing. These can be costly, so I use the store brand. Coupons coupled with sales might bring the cost down enough to get the name brand. Otherwise, use whatever shampoo you like.
  3. Follow steps 1 & 3 from Mini At-Home Spa Moments: A Good Start to Your Morning.
  4. Use a renewing foot cream such as Avon’s Foot Works Overnight Renewal Foot Cream, massaging some into each foot. I love this product. My feet feel so smooth after using this cream.
  5. Use an eye mask for a little bit of relaxation. I have a gel one I can warm and then put on. Put on some nature sounds (I use an app called Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep. It’s free.), lay down, close your eyes, and relax for about 20 minutes. I set the timer on my phone to go off after that amount of time.

It only takes a minute to put things away, and any stress has left my body by the time I’m done.

Good evening!


(Any specific items mentioned in this post are what I use myself. Unless otherwise noted, no one paid me to review them or sent me free samples to do so.)


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