Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright November 2016.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Sharpie Extreme Markers

Okay everyone, it’s time to get crafty for the holidays.

The Sharpie team recently contacted me, wondering if I wanted to get crafty while using the Sharpie Extreme markers and I, of course, said yes! I love doing crafts, and had just begun to think about what I was going to do for Yule and Christmas. Yup, we celebrate two holidays, and both are very important.

I decided on wrapping ideas and ornaments (coming soon!) for my projects of choice, and the following are the ideas I came up with on the wrapping front.

Most of my other supplies came from my after Christmas shopping from previous years. Some drawings I did freehand, and others using templates I found online. The only thing I paid full price for were the reinforcements I used to make the ornament tags, and those were left over from previous projects.

The Sharpie Team sent me a 4 – pack of black Sharpie Extreme markers, and two 4 – packs of color markers: Black, red, green, and blue. A good thing about these markers is that they are fade resistant, so I’m expecting the finished projects can be left in direct sunlight without a problem. The colors are vibrant, and look good.

2005-01-01-00-00-00-161One of the things I did to make some of my gift wrap unique was crumple the tissue paper I used for a few of the gifts. I’m using a dark blue color for these.

Cutting out the snowflakes freehand, I thought about when my daughters and I used to do the same at the holidays. We would hang them from the ceiling to make it look like it was snowing. I miss those days with the girls, and love the fond memories we created during the holidays when they were young.

I used a template found online for the snowmen, and ribbon from years past for decoration. Yes, I reuse ribbon, tissue paper, gift wrap, and other holiday wrapping needs year-after-year, saving me money and allowing me to spend a little more on gifts when I need to or on craft supplies.

Using a Sharpie Extreme marker, I colored around the edges of the snowflakes and the tags for a more interesting look.

2005-01-01-00-00-00-162I used a template for the gift tags as well as for the embellishments, and colored the embellishments using the Sharpie Extreme markers. I also wrote the names of the recipients using the markers. I thought they looked nice. How about you?

Here you can more clearly see the color around the edges of the tag and the snowflake. Make the snowflakes and tags in different shapes and sizes for variety.

When my daughters were little, they used to use glitter to outline the edges of their snowflakes. I don’t have glitter on hand, or I likely would have used it to outline the inner shape edges of this snowflake. It would have went well with the ribbon.

2005-01-01-00-00-00-152Carefully ripping a used paper bag at the seems I decided the creases would give the gift an interesting look, and would go well with the crumpled tissue paper gifts. Sort of old-looking.

I reused old ribbon, and found holiday tree templates online. You can see where the creases are on these gifts. What do you think?

I definitely like the look, and you can’t beat free brown paper bags for wrapping paper. Saving paper bags specifically for this purpose will be well worth the effort. I think I’ll have a set place to keep bags until I need them for gift wrapping again. I love money-saving techniques, if you haven’t noticed already. Anything to live a more frugal life.

2005-01-01-00-00-00-168As you can see, I again used the Sharpie Extreme markers to outline the gift tag, color in the stocking template I found online, and to write the recipient’s name on the package.

The holiday tree coloring page I found online is great, and the markers gave the bigger gift a more vibrant look when placed on the front. It looks so nice!

I’m impressed with the look of this gift wrapping experiment, and will be doing similar things throughout the season. I love the vibrant colors against the brown paper, with the natural creases from the bag itself. How about you?

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright November 2016.I don’t always crumple tissue paper, or like wrapping paper with creases. Sometimes I prefer a clean, more elegant look. These packages are wrapped with black tissue paper to give that type of look.

The gingerbread boy and girl are from coloring pages I found online, and the ribbon was from a previous holiday season, purchased during an after Christmas sale.

The look is more luxurious than the previous gifts, and I like it. The white against the black is wonderful, and the shiny ribbon works well with these gifts. This is a good wrapping idea for little ones’ gifts, who love gingerbread cookies and houses.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright November 2016.Sometimes a paper tag is not desired and you really want to spruce up a gift, especially bags that already have designs. You want to add a little flair. The tags might have an initial or, if you don’t want to the children to know whose gifts are whose, you might use a different holiday symbol for each child.

I had some leftover clear ornaments from earlier years, and decided to use them to make tag ornaments. You can see the ‘S’ on the first, and the tree on the second, created using the Sharpie Extreme markers.

The polka dots were made by placing reinforcements here and there on each tag ornament, and outlining the outsides of each circle with the markers. I then removed the reinforcements and colored in the circles, going over each circle a few times without waiting for it to dry in between. The color combinations I used for the circles were red and black, blue and red, and red and green.

The markers dry quickly, so this is not a very messy project. And I think children would enjoy making these. Fill the ornament with ribbon or crumpled paper strips, replace the hanger at the top, and glue curly ribbon to the top of the ornament, and then add a ribbon for hanging.

I used that last ribbon to attach each tag to the bag through the handle holes, and tied them loosely inside so they can later be removed and re-tied to use as ornaments.

Materials needed to create these projects:

  • Sharpie Extreme markers in red, blue, green, and black
  • tape
  • tissue paper
  • brown paper bags
  • scissors
  • reinforcements
  • curly ribbon
  • printer, ink, and paper
  • templates and coloring pages from online
  • curly ribbon
  • ribbon for hanging ornaments
  • ribbon for wrapping
  • strips of crinkle paper (found in the Christmas wrap section at the store)
  • gifts to wrap

I’m very pleased with the Sharpie Markers and am so happy the Sharpie team chose me as one of the people to try them during this holiday season.  These markers will definitely be worth buying for future projects, and I’m going to look to see if they have more colors. I am using these ideas for both Yule and Christmas wrapping.

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What awesome crafts have you come up with using these markers? Holiday related or not. Feel free to share your projects here, or to email me. I’m always looking for new ideas, and I’m sure others are as well.



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