Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright November 2016.

Review: FixnZip

The people from FixnZip contacted me about trying their zipper replacement, and I am quite impressed. No sewing skills are needed for this product, and using it is easy.

Everything you need to fix a broken zipper comes in this small package, and it will fit in a sewing kit, a backpack, or your purse. I’ll be keeping one on hand for zipper emergencies.

The card inserted into the package gives directions for fixing open end, closed end, and invisible/watertight zippers, so it can be used for any zipper malfunction. See their website instructions for more information.

This zipper fix is good for tents and sleeping bags, so take a kit along on camping trips. You can also use it for jackets and other clothing needs, as well as backpacks and duffle bags. Bring a kit along while boating in case it is needed to fix a broken cushion or pocket zipper.

As you can see, the FixnZip is good for multiple problems. It also comes in different sizes, from 1 to 10, and can be used with metal, plastic, and tooth and coil zippers.

The FixnZip costs $9.99 for a single one, but also comes in multi packs. Mine even came with a pull cord and pull ring.




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