Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright October 30, 2016.

Mini At-Home Spa Moments: Monthly Treat

This Mini At-Home Spa Moment will leave your hair feeling light and healthy, without taking a lot of time. I received a 6 ounce bottle Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue Formula last year as part of my membership with BzzAgent. (I no longer use BzzAgent.) It is a clear shampoo that removes a lot of the buildup caused by regular shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling products.

I don’t use styling products, so I feel my monthly treatment is enough. If you use styling products and want to use it once a week, that is fine.

Rather than using my regular shampoo during this once a month ritual, I use the Neutrogena shampoo. Simple as that, but effective. It is easy to rinse out, and I feel extra pampered after these showers.

I’m only about half done with my bottle of this shampoo, but will definitely be buying more when I run out. Obviously it has lasted me a long time so far, and is a pretty frugal way for me to have healthier feeling and looking hair.

I’ve seen this shampoo listed anywhere from $4.83 to $6.29. At $4.29, you’d be paying only $.72 per ounce.

Have you used this product yet? What are your thoughts?


(I was given the bottle of shampoo free of charge to try and review through BzzAgent last year.)


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