Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright October 30, 2016.

Mini At-Home Spa Moments: Weekend Relaxation

Mini At-Home Spa Moments are wonderfully luxurious ways to relax after a long week. Keeping these spa moments frugal is important. We don’t want to break the bank or anything, but we do want to feel pampered.

I do this one during the evening hours, when I know I’ll be reading or watching television the rest of the night. That way I’ll be relaxing when I’m done, not having anything else to worry about or have to do before bed.

  1. Light candles. I like scented ones, and try to use ones for the season. Right now, that means apple or pumpkin scented candles. I have a couple of jar candles laid out, as well as a few tea light ones in nice holders. Place these around the room, and turn the lights off.
  2. Place a plastic bag where your feet will rest, so you don’t get anything wet.
  3. Gather the few things you’ll need to make this Mini At-Home Spa Moment nice. For my most recent spa moment it was Avon’s Foot Works Paraffin Moisture Treatment Mask, a hand towel (big enough to wrap around both feet) that I’d soaked with hot water and rung out, and a couple of ToGoSpa products (See below for details!), and your cell phone with nature sounds ready to go. (I use an app called Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep. It’s free.)
  4. Apply whatever foot treatment mask you decide to use, wrapping your feet with the wet, hot towel, and then relaxing them on the plastic.
  5. Apply what ToGoSpa or similar products you’ll be using.
  6. Turn on the nature sounds, close your eyes, and relax for about 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the ToGoSpa products, and wipe the foot treatment off with the wet towel.
  8. Quickly pick up after yourself, and relax for the remainder of the evening.

I received a nice gift (see photo for this post) to try and review from the ToGoSpa team, containing two boxes of ToGoSpa products. Each box contained three treatments, and it all came with a nice note in a pretty bag. A lovely presentation of their products.

The first product was the Coconut Lips Collagen Lip Gel Mask. Lip love is important for smooth lips, and this product helps. These masks plump and moisturize your lips, which is really helpful when colder weather hits. The heaters go on, and lips start to feel dry, sometimes even cracking. At first the mask just feels cool, then there is a slight tingly feeling. Even if it is not plausible to use this product each week, a monthly treatment will be a luxury during the colder weather. I loved this product. The cost is $12.50 for three treatments, $4.16 each.

The second product was  the Coconut Eyes Collagen Under Eye Gel Mask. Used to hydrate, soothe, and plump the under-eye area, these too provide a cooling experience. Again, there are three treatments in the box. Two gels masks per treatment. The area under the eyes can sometimes look a little tired, and these treatments help. The immediate coolness of the pads feels good, and soon you’ll notice a slight tingly feeling that is refreshing. I love this product as well. The cost is $12.50 for three treatments, $4.16 each.

Good evening!


(Any specific items mentioned in this post are what I use myself. Unless otherwise noted, no one paid me to review them or sent me free samples to do so.)


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