Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright October 30, 2016.

Review: Suave Essentials Body Wash & a BOGO Sale!

I was recently contacted to review a couple of the Suave Essentials Body Washes, and asked to let my readers know about a BOGO deal on these products that will be taking place from Sunday, November 6th to Sunday, November 20th in all stores nationwide.

A member of their team, Meg, sent me a couple to try, and I’m happy to report on the pleasant scent of each.

Cucumber Agave Smash

This is a very sweet smelling body wash, green in color. The combined fragrances of the cucumber, agave, and rose remind me of a summer day. This body wash also has vitamin E, and provides you with a refreshing shower experience, and would be a great option after a day at the beach.

Amethyst Sunset

I loved the red-purple color right off the bat and, when I opened the lid to smell the body wash, I was blown away by the slightly sweet scent. Amazing. It’s a great date night scent. Scented with jasmine, apricot, linden flower, and grapefruit, this body wash also has acai, vitamin E, and passion flower.

Which is my favorite? Amethyst Sunset.

The scent of both body washes stay evident to you for hours, which is a plus for me.

The BOGO deal period will allow you to stock up. The deal is for the 12 and 18 ounce sizes. Watch for the BOGO coupon in newspapers on November 6th!

I’ll be taking advantage of the deals, and trying out scents I haven’t used yet. I know I like the milk & honey splash, as well as the sweet pea & violet. I want to try the tropical coconut and the everlasting sunshine. What are your favorites?



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