Use Thrift Stores to Save Money

I do a fair amount of shopping at thrift shops. As a matter-of-fact, most of what I bought for the baby shower I threw for my daughter and son-in-law came from thrift stores, and when Little Man is growing out of another size clothing, that is where I head with a list from my daughter.

I buy as much of my own clothing as I can at them as well. And many other things. Picture frames (usually 50 cents), baskets (25 cents to $1.00), tins (50 cents), silverware (5 cents each), this years weekly planner (for only 10 cents!), and many other things. Quite frankly, if I can get most stuff cheaply I will do it.

Pay attention to quality.

  • You can outfit your family, at least somewhat, at thrift stores for a fraction of the cost you’d buy stuff new, then only buy what is necessary at other types of stores. Shirts, pants, dresses, coats, shoes, and boots can all be found in thrift stores. Even accessories such as fashionable scarves and costume jewelry.
  • Housewarming gifts can be put together at these shops. Pick up a basket, or a large pot or mixing bowl, and fill it with kitchen necessities such as silverware, coffee mugs, cooking utensils, a pot holder or oven mitt, a dish towel and dish cloth, measuring cups and spoons, and whatever else you can find that will fit. Look for ribbon or a bow to decorate the gift with.
  • Frame photographs for your living room at thrift stores, and buy puzzles to put together in your spare time. Puzzles can be used as artwork when complete.
  • Shop throughout the year for school supplies, and maybe you wont have to buy much new.
  • It is possible to grow your home library with books from thrift shops as well.
  • And you can pick up gifts to give at the holidays.
  • You can even decorate your home for the holidays with thrift store finds.

It really is possible to save a lot of money shopping at thrift stores. And get great stuff! The list above doesn’t touch on even a fraction of what can be done.

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Have a great day!



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