Small Business Ideas for Single Moms

(This is article was first published on, September 27, 2009. I hope you find it useful, and maybe find a career you would like to try. ~ Shannon)

September is Small Business Month. What better way to celebrate this than by considering what small business you, as a single mom, would like to run. Is their something that you have always wanted to do? Is there a business that would work well in the Bangor, Maine area? Maybe now is your chance. This article will list some possibilities and provide you with some resources.

Why might a single mom choose to start her own small business? Here are some possibilities:

  • She has always dreamed of owning her own business.
  • She is tired of her current work situation.
  • She wants to be able to be home for her children.
  • She needs a more flexible schedule.

There are, of course, other reasons. But these are representative of many peoples’ thoughts.

Here are some options for small businesses that single moms may enjoy:

  • Tax preparation
  • Scrapbooking
  • Making and selling jewelry
  • Childcare
  • House sitting
  • Personal attendant
  • Housekeeping
  • Painting
  • Tutoring
  • Teaching dance or other classes

This is by no means an exhaustive list. What can you come up with?

Help in the Bangor area for single moms looking to start their own business:

Other helpful resources:

Maine has two Women’s Business Center’s. Though they are not located in Bangor, they would be helpful. One is in Wiscasset and the other is in Portland.

Single moms have the ability and drive to be successful at their own businesses.

NOTE: Are you a single mom with her own business? If so, please email me at to have yourself and your business featured here. This is great exposure for your business.


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