Simple Crafts to Honor September 11

(This is another article that was first published on, September 11, 2009. I hope you find it useful. ~ Shannon)

Single moms understand the importance of happiness in the home. They do not want to visit sadness upon their little families. They want to see their children happy and eager to love others. September 11th can be a difficult time because much sadness is associated with this remembrance day.

Moms have the opportunity to change things up concerning what their children do on this day. Moms can do the patriotic thing and celebrate the heroes of September 11: The firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses and other heroes. Patriotism is another thing that can be celebrated.

Moms can provide a patriotic snack or dinner, followed by some simple crafting opportunities that will show their children’s admiration for our countries heroes.

  • Children can create flags using glue and red, white and blue construction paper.
  • Older children can make beaded flag pins.
  • Children can draw a picture of firemen putting out a fire.
  • Everyone can make police badge magnets.

While creating these things, a mom can be discussing her views of patriotism with her children. She can also discuss with her children why certain groups of people are considered heroes, such as firemen, and the important roles that these people play in the community.


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