Free Gift Ideas and Craft Ideas for Grandparent Days

(The article below was published on, September 11, 2009. Enjoy! ~ Shannon.)

Grandparents Day is not far off. Many single moms may be having a hard time affording gifts for parents and grandparents. Children may want to do something special for their loved ones, but money may be tight. This list is based around the free or easy to make idea of frugal gift giving.

Simple Gifts

  • Create coupon books for services such as 1 baking day per child, 1 day of housekeeping, a walk with the family, a picnic, etc.
  • Have a child draw a picture and frame it with a frame from a dollar store.
  • Spend an evening at the grandparents home. Rent a movie, make dinner and clean up after the meal.
  • Get together with other family members at the grandparents house and play cards. Many people enjoy playing cribbage. Board games and Yahtzee are a also good ideas. Children can learn the concepts of such games early on.
  • Take the grandparents on a picnic at the playground. They will enjoy watching the children play, and may enjoy a walk.


Family collage

Ancestry chart

Rustic twig frame


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