Frugal Things of Interest

I was contacted by Nicole at about sharing a link with you (see below), and thought it was time to share some links that I have found useful recently. I hope you enjoy the reads.

Enjoy Art and History on a Budget: How to Get into Museums for Free: When Skye and Zowie were young, we took advantage of a few free days at the local museum. It was in an old church. The church I attended as a teenager, as a matter-of-fact. They had set up displays of items having to do with our areas history. Our visits were always interesting and educational.

Save Money on Family Dinner: 9 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free: No matter your area, it is a good idea to contact local restaurants to find out if they have nights where children eat free or at a reduced price. While you are at it, be sure you know the age cutoff.

How to Use Facebook to Save Money: I have entered a couple of contests, requested a few samples, and even printed some coupons. After reading this article, I may be doing more. How about you?

How to Avoid Credit Traps: I do not have a credit card; never have. Would not trust myself with on, in all honesty. My mother was lucky enough to be able to pay all hers off years ago. But I know there are many, many people out there with a lot of credit card debt. Hopefully this article will be helpful.

3 Ways to Prepare for Unemployment: Recently, things changed drastically for us at work. With the possibility of partial or full unemployment looming over the horizon, I took a few steps:

1. I cancelled Thank goodness it is an Amazon company, so I still have access to all the audible files for the books I already purchased.

2. I did not renew my Amazon Prime.

3. I cancelled Netflix.

I was feeling deprived after all this, and told my daughters as much. I don’t have much or need much, so these were my treats. My son-in-law, bless his heart, set me up with a username on his Netflix account. Now, I can at least stream some shows and movies.

Then, my sister wanted me to check out a few shows on so she gave me her log-in information. Though those shows are done, she is now letting me watch The Whispers.

Family can be wonderful.

Here’s hoping I don’t need to cut back any more.


I hope you find these articles useful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, or email me at I reply to all emails.



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