Freebies Galore

Previously, I published a post here called Free Samples.  In that article, I listed freebies I had received and tried, or passed on to someone who could use them if I decided the products were not for me.  That was June 10th of 2014.

Since then I have received many other samples, as well as other freebies. Some I sent for, some not so much. But I have worked on using or reading everything, or handing them over to others that will benefit from the products.

I should note a few things:

  • I am a member of BzzAgent, from which I get full size products to try and then write reviews on.
  • I also recently signed up for Swaggable, which is along the same line are BzzAgent.
  • Once in a while someone will email offering to send me a product to try and then review on a blog. I only accept items I will actually use. I have turned down coffee samples and other things I know I wont use.
  • On occasion, I enter a contest.
  • I am also a member of GoodReads, and some of the books listed I won through their Giveaways program.

I was surprised the first time someone contacted me through email to try something, but I am glad I agreed. This is what I received. Ever since then, I have gotten a few other full size products in the same manner.

Things I’ve Won:

Free Subscriptions:

  • Parents Magazine
  • American Baby Magazine

(My daughter and son-in-law had a baby in June. I prepared by getting these subscriptions to see what has changed for young mothers over the years.)

Then baby stuff started showing up at my door:

  • 2 diaper samples
  • Nursing pad samples
  • 2 canisters plus 4 bottle of formula with coupons from Similac
  • Baby wipes samples

I can’t remember all the brand names, but I put them things in with gifts for a few different baby showers.

Plus, I received these:

  • Silk Original Cashew Milk, 1/2 gallon, NON GMO Project Verified, 50% more calcium
  • Quaker Steel Cut Quick 3-Minute Oatmeal, 1 full box (8 packets), Brown Sugar and Cinnamon
  • 2 3-Pack samples of Garnier Fructis fortifying shampoo, conditioner, and flatiron express Brazilian Smooth.
  • 3-Pack sample of Garnier Fructis Full and Plush shampoo, conditioner, and Voluptuous Blowout
  • 4 Packages mens razors
  • 2 Packages women’s razors
  • 2 72 Count bottle of Equate antacids
  • 2 72 Count bottle of Rolaids
  • 1.2 Fluid ounce Herbal Essences Body Wash, Body Burst with Citrus Essence
  • 1.7 Fluid ounce Olay Sensitive Unscented Body Wash
  • 3-Pack Natural Infusions with Awapuhi Ginger & Honeysuckle shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in cream
  • Sample of Organic Hemp Pro Fiber
  • 2 Full size bottles of SoftSoap Body Wash
  • Sample of Eucerin Lotion
  • 2 Prilosec OTC samples
  • Sample of dish soap
  • Sample of laundry detergent

Some of these products I buy anyway. Some I plan to buy in the future, but I do prefer to try things before spending my money on them.

What have you received to try? Let us know below, or email me at I respond to all emails.



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