Family Park Day

(This article was previously published on, July 28, 2009. Thought you might enjoy reading it. ~ Shannon.)

The Bangor, Maine area has a plethora of choices as far as parks go. The Broadway Park has a playground as well as a place to picnic and relax. Chapin Park is another nice place for a park fun day.

The city of Old Town, not far from Bangor, has a beautiful park area as well. The Riverfront Park is located along the Penobscot River and has a playground, picnic area, a gazebo and an area for playing ball and Frisbee. The park also has a water feature.

Parks are wonderful places in which to have family fun days, and should be taken advantage of whenever possible. They are free to use, a great benefit during a recession or at any time.  Parks also have wonderful scenery and are a lot of fun to visit.

How can you make a trip to the park special for your family? Plan a fun family park day. Here are some great tips for you to use to make a special day for your family to remember:

  • Prepare for your family park day the night before the event. Start packing your picnic items, and make sure that you have important things, such as sunblock, towels, bathing suits, a blanket or two, a Frisbee, and sports equipment, in the car before bed. Prepare a casserole and put it into the refrigerator. The casserole can easily be heated the next evening, when you are too tired to prepare dinner for your family.
  • You will want to be sure that you feed your family a good breakfast the next morning, and finish preparing your families picnic lunch.
  • Be sure to remember your camera. You will be able to make a scrapbook of your family park day on the next rainy day, another family fun activity.
  • Children love to hang out at the playground, so allowing them to do so during the morning hours will provide them with a lot of fun. You can join them, or sit nearby and read. Perhaps you would like to socialize with other adults at this time. Morning is also a good time for your children to use the water features at the park.
  • Have your children help with getting set up for lunch. Take this time to connect with your children not only about what you will be doing for the rest of the day, but also about what is going on in their lives. Talk with them about family events that are coming up, and anything else that they should know about.
  • Frisbee is a great after lunch activity, as is catch. This is the time that you will want to spend with your children, creating joyful family memories. You may also choose to walk through the park, or sit on the rocks near the river. Be sure that you are doing these things as a family, and that this time is for fun.
  • Place the casserole in the oven when you get home, and let it warm while the children take quick baths or showers.

Park days are wonderful ways to enjoy time as a family. It hurts nothing to allow children to invite one or more friends, as long as you are involved in the fun as well. Inviting another family along can also be enjoyable. Just be sure that everyone is involved in having fun with the children.


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