Daycare Fun: 4 Outdoor Summer Activities by Shannon L Buck

Photograph by Brija on published to Y! Contributor Network. Save money by picking up equipment and other items at yard sales, in thrift stores, or on clearance.)

Daycare Fun: 4 Outdoor Summer Activities

Summer is full of activities to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to participate, but they are not always accessible to the daycare provider and the children that she takes care of. The provider may not have enough money to fund a lot of activities, or the means to bring the children far.

Whether you are part of a daycare center or run a daycare home, these ideas will allow you to provide the children with fun activities that can be enjoyed outside during the summer months. Enjoy these activities with the children, in the yard or at the local park.


Find something lightweight that can be used for bases, grab a few bats and balls, and bring along any baseball gloves you have available. Head outside and split the group up into two teams, including yourself and other daycare workers in the count. Matching shirts for team members are not necessary for a good, old-fashioned game of baseball.

Water Fight!

Children deserve water play on the hottest days, as do adults. While water balloons are not environmentally friendly and water guns may not be desirable, there is an alternative. Use balls, often found at dollar stores, that soak up water. They have cloth covers, and do not generally hurt when thrown at someone. One of these for each child will allow for hours of enjoyment. The children and adults throw the balls back and forth at each other, and everyone has plenty of chances to get wet. The only other things you need are a few cheap buckets filled with cool water. A nearby hose will male it easy to refill the buckets.

Park Cleanup

Not all activities are about ultimate enjoyment, but should still be treated as fun. After some play time and a picnic at the park, you and the children can walk around cleaning up the area. Make sure everything ends up in the trash bins located throughout the park area. This activity aids in teaching children what a precious resource the earth is. Pick up returnables as well, returning them to fund a good cause in the fall. All of the money collected throughout the summer can be donated to an animal orphanage or children’s hospital.

Playground “Beach” Party

The key for this party is in setting the daycare playground area up to be reminiscent of the beach. Fill a couple of pools with water, also adding water to the sand pile so the children can build a sand castle. Provide Frisbees and beach balls for the children to use while at the “beach”, and set out blankets for them to sit on, preferably in the shade. Be sure to provide towels for drying off.

Tips for a Safe, Enjoyable Time

Be sure that the children are wearing sunblock. Choose an organic formula, if possible. Reapply throughout the day.
Allow the children to wear caps and sunglasses.
Always have plenty of water available.
Provide the children with picnic lunches, or at least snacks.
Keep a small first aid kit handy.

The adults and children in your facility will have much fun with these activities, providing the opportunity to work together as a team.

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