A Fourth of July Celebration

(The article below was published to Examiner.com on July 3, 2009. I thought some of you might enjoy the read. Remember, the Fourth of July does not have to be an expensive holiday to celebrate. ~ Shannon)

The Fourth of July is a very important day in the Bangor, Maine area. People enjoy camping, having barbecues and watching the fireworks. Young children, and even teens, enjoy using sparklers after dark. Great joy and much fun abounds on the Fourth. The display will be visible in Bangor as well as from surrounding locations.

Children have a tendency to get very excited over watching a fireworks display. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where you can stay at home and still see the display, then you are in a position to make this day even more special for your children. You can take this opportunity to have a nice celebration that your children will remember for a long time.

A video camera or a regular camera is a necessity. You will want to capture this day, and create a scrapbook with your children after the event. Be sure to journal about your guests and all that happens during your celebration.

How can a celebration be accomplished? You can invite friends and family to your home early in the day, being sure to invite friends of your children’s and their families as well. Offer the use of your barbecue grill for both lunch and dinner for each family to use, or barbecue for everyone having each family bring a dish or beverages to contribute. You will want to have ice cream, iced tea and lemonade available throughout the day.

You will want to consider  purchasing plenty of sparklers for the children to enjoy after dark while the fireworks display is going on, as well as napkins, paper plates and plastic cups and silverware for everyone to use. If your family is going green, then you can use items from your own kitchen.

If you have a pool or a slip ‘n slide, then the children will enjoy being able to get wet throughout the day. It would also be nice to provide them with some games to enjoy as well. Life and Pay Day are great board games, and Skipbo is a fun card game. Outdoor games such as tag and catch would be acceptable as well.

Do you remember catching fireflies when you were a child? Your children can enjoy doing the same thing. Provide them with jars and let them catch as many as they want. Just be sure that they understand that the fireflies have to be set free before they go in to bed that night.

The Fourth of July is a great time to get together with friends and family. Your children will enjoy themselves, and so will you.


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