Softsoap Samples

Last spring I was contacted by a lady who wanted me to try out Softsoap products for Colgate-Palmolive, which I happily did and reported to you all my experiences with the products. READ: Sometimes, People Send Me Free Stuff.

I was contacted again this year, and agreed to try two more products for the company, and am pleased yet again. These products were:

Both have pleasing scents that really last, though the Exfoliating Fruit Polish fragrance is more pronounced. This was actually my favorite. It helps to get rid of those rough, dry patches of skin that you inevitably end up with after a long winter.

Not that I did not like the Hydrating Shower Cream. I certainly did! The scent is pleasing, and it leaves your skin feeling soft.

This kit was sent to me by Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes, and I am happy to report that I am pleased!

I do intend to buy this body wash again. In particular, I want to try their Heavenly Vanilla Body Hydrating Wash. I bet that smells amazing! I will do so with coupons, hopefully coupled with sales to save as much as I can. I will also be checking out Bath and Body works during a sale.



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