4 Spring Crafts for Daycare Children by Shannon L. Buck

Photograph by jade on morguefile.com(Originally published to Y! Contributor Network. Save money by asking families for donations, picking items up on clearance, at yard sales, or at thrift stores, and by repurposing old items you may have at home.)

4 Spring Crafts for Daycare Children

Simple crafts provide children with the opportunity to successfully create decorations and gifts. These ideas will provide your daycare children with the opportunity to celebrate spring, while making items that they will bring home and show off to their family and friends. These crafts may also be used as spring holiday gifts.

Picture Flowers

Have each use a flower shaped cookie cutter and a pencil to trace flower head shapes onto plain or patterned paper. Instruct them to cut out 2 shapes for each flower they want to make. Provide the children with small pictures of themselves that you have cut into circles to fit the center of each flower shape, and have them glue these onto their flowers. Ask the children to glue a wooden skewer to the backs of half of their flowers, then to glue the other half of the flowers to the backs of these. They will be creating two-sided flowers that they can place into a vase.

Glittery Planters

Give each child a set of glitter glue pens, and a small planter that has been washed and allowed to thoroughly dry. Ask the children to create designs or spring scenes on the outer sides of their planter. Allow these to dry thoroughly, then have them fill their planters with soil and plant a seed or seedling in them. Explain to the children that water and sunlight are important to the plants but that too much water will kill them, asking them to only water their plants when they start to dry out. Tell them about the plant they are growing so they can tell their parents.

Tulips in a Vase

Tulips are often the first flowers that we notice in the spring. These vibrantly colored flowers have a way of bringing happiness into the heart of anyone waiting for the first signs of spring. Cut the cups out of egg cartons, and cut each of these along the sides, 2/3 of the way down. Poke a hole in the bottom of each. Provide each child with vibrant paint colors and some brushes, and allow them to paint the tulip heads. Once dry, have the children poke pipe cleaners up through the holes to form the stems, and to place these into vases. Ask each child to tie a bow around his or her vase.

Painted Frames

Give each child a wooden picture frame, minus the glass, inserts and back, if possible. Ask them to paint their frames in such a way as to give them a spring feel such as a solid bold or pastel color, or by painting bees or hummingbirds on them. Be sure to mention that they should also paint their name on their own frame, so they do not get mixed up. When these are dry give each child a photograph of him or her self, as well as a the frame back, and demonstrate how to put the frame back together.

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