Make Simple Drawer Labels for Organizing by Shannon L. Buck

Photograph by mensatic on published on Y! Contributor Network. To save money, use scraps when possible.)

Make Simple Drawer Labels for Organizing

Labeling drawers in your hobby room will help you to organize the various materials that you keep on hand. The same is true for the scraps that your hobby generates. An organized hobby room is tidy, and provides easy access to all of the materials that you need to finish projects with.

Whether using plastic drawer units, metal ones, or you are repurposing an old dresser, these labels will guide you in finding the materials you need for any project in no time. They will also help you to quickly put materials away when you are done with a project.


Measuring tape
Card stock
Paper cutter
Black, blue or green marker

1. Measure the drawer fronts to determine the size labels you want to make. Choose a size that will allow you to adhere a sticker to the front of each, and to write in big enough letters to enable you to read the labels easily.
2. Choose light colored card stock that matches your hobby room. Use a paper cutter to measure and cut out the number of labels you will need to the size you desire. Make sure the blade of the cutter is sharp enough so that the cuts are clean.
3. Use a dark colored card stock that also matches the hobby room as a background. Use the paper cutter again, this time to measure and cut the card stock ¼ to 1/3 inches bigger around than the labels you just cut out.
4. Glue the light colored labels to the dark colored backgrounds. Be sure that the labels are centered onto each of the darker colored pieces of card stock. Allow these to dry thoroughly, so they do not slide around due to the wet glue.
5. Adhere a sticker of your choosing to either the left or right side of each card. Mix these up so that you have some labels with stickers on either side, or keep them uniform by placing stickers on the same side of each label. Place a sticker on both ends if preferred, as long as there will still be enough room for writing.
6. Pick a dark colored marker, such as green, black or blue, to finish the labels with. Write the name of the item for each drawer on its’ corresponding label. Use clear printing or script, do the labels are easy to read.
7. Cut two pieces of laminate for each label you are making. Cover the front of each label with one piece, and adhere the second piece to the back. Trim around the edges of the laminate to be sure that it is even.
8. Adhere a label to each drawer. Use a magnet for metal drawers, being sure that the adhesive is dry before placing each label on a drawer. Use glue or another adhesive for adhering labels to other types of drawers.

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