Make a Simple Scrapped Pencil Holder by Shannon L. Buck

Photograph by JessicaGale on scraps from other projects and a recycled aluminum can will save you money on this project. Previously published on Y! Contributor Network.)

Make a Simple Scrapped Pencil Holder

A pencil holder will organize more than just pencil. You can also place markers, highlighters or pens in one. This project is simple to accomplish, and the finished product will aid you in organizing your office or hobby desk.

A scrapped pencil holder also adds charm to your desk, especially when created to match the décor of the room that it will be used in. Alternatively, a pencil holder can be made to represent a holiday or season, depending on the desires of the person who will be using it.


Aluminum can
Tape measure
Paper cutter
Decorative edged scissors
Scrapbook paper, 2 colors
Stickers or other embellishments

1. Wash the aluminum can in hot, soapy water. Make sure all food has been removed, as well as the label and the sticky residue that holds it in place. Rinse the can well and allow it to dry thoroughly before continuing.
2. Use the file to get rid of any sharp areas around the inside edge of the can, which are often left behind by a can opener. Rinse the can well, again, to remove any filings. Allow the can to dry all the way again.
3. Choose the colors of paper you will use for the project. One sheet should be light, the other a medium to dark color. Use colors that match the décor of the room where then pencil holder will be placed, or that coincide with a chosen theme.
4. Measure the can height, and then measure around it. Add ¼ inch to the second number. Use the paper cutter to measure and cut the light colored sheet of paper to size. Glue this sheet of paper around the can by first gluing one end to the can, then overlapping the other end and gluing it in place. Allow this dry completely.
5. Using the second number again, cut 2 pieces of dark colored paper to a ½ inch height using the paper cutter or decorative edged scissors. Adhere these to the top and bottom edges of the light colored paper that you have already glued to the can, using the same method as above. Again, allow to dry thoroughly.
6. Choose stickers to match your décor, an upcoming holiday or the season. Look at the can and decide where you want to place each sticker. Adhere them in a flattering manner to the chosen areas.
7. Place the pencils or other writing utensils into the pencil holder, and place it on your desk.

As an example, a spring themed pencil holder may include stickers depicting grass, flowers and the sun. Other options are bees, butterflies, birds and dragonflies. A beach theme would include sand, water, a beach ball, and a pail and shovel.

You may choose not to decorate your pencil holder with stickers, opting to use darker colored or patterned paper. This is fine, and will look very nice. Painting decorations onto the paper is also an option.

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