4 Summer Craft Ideas for Older Children and Teens by Shannon L. Buck

shells sand seaweed MGD©(To save money on craft supplies, keep scraps, stock up during clearance sales, and pick things up at thrift shops and yard sales. Also, collect items from nature. Previously published to Y! Contributor Network.)

4 Summer Craft Ideas for Older Children and Teens

Summertime crafts often involve the use of seashells. They also include representations of bees, butterflies and dragonflies. All of these items make summer crafting fun.

Setting a picnic table in the yard will give you a place to work. It may be necessary to cover the table with a plastic table-cloth. Use craft items to create gifts, decorations and other useful items. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Seashell Frame

Use an old frame for this, taking the backing and glass off first. Wash the frame and allow it to dry thoroughly, then decorate it. Glue an assortment of small shells all over the front of the frame, being sure not to allow them to infringe on the replacement of the glass. Once dry, set the glass and a photograph in the frame, then put the backing on.

Seashell Mobile

Some shells allow for being strung, and these are the ones you want to use for this project. Take some twine and cut it into equal size lengths of the height you want for your mobile. String the shells on the twine in any combination that you like, being sure to tie a big enough knot under each so the shells do not slide down. Once the shells are strung, tie each piece of twine to the driftwood.

Cut another piece of twine a few inches longer than the driftwood. Tie each end to the driftwood, being sure to string a metal ring and not to make the string too tight across. This will be your hanger.

Summertime Scrapbook

Using a 6-inch by 6-inch or 8-inch by 10-inch scrapbook works for this project. Use plain paper and patterned sheets for mounting the pictures on with adhesive, and card stock to create journaling squares. Embellishments, such as stickers, can also be used. Look for ones that depict bees, butterflies and dragonflies, beach scenes and summer activities.

Place photographs of your time spent with family and friends into the album throughout the summer, decorating each page and journaling about who is in each photo and what is happening. Do not forget to date things.

Wood Painting

Use a paint specifically made for wood to do this type of activity, and brushes in different sizes. You can paint summer scenes on things, or solid colors. Patterns and polka dots will also work. Use your imagination. A couple of things to consider painting are shelves and birdhouses. Be sure to seal anything that you will place outside.


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